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Welcome to Rockbarsity!

I’ve been having a hard life, but I have to live positively, so I created a city where I can develop various contents in order to show my talents and convey my experiences.

Art I made, my thoughts and various emotions are exploding a lot here!!

Also, since I have had a lot of painful feelings, I’m aiming to offer a space that people who are having difficulty living can let off steam.

What is Rockbarsity?

An integrated entertainment site that offers a place to let off steam in a difficult world!

I’m different from the people around me, so I’ve been feeling the difficulty of living.

Through entertainment and speech, I would like to help people who are suffering by expressing various things, communicating my experiences, and raising issues so that their hearts will be relieved as much as possible.

I think that there are many people in this world who have the difficulty of living, so I will offer content that encourages those people and content that can relieve gloom through my filter.

Also, I would like to make a lot of works that move the listeners’ hearts by making use of my ability to compose and draw pictures, and I want to reach a level where the name is widely known in music.

And by succeeding in my future activities, I would like to offer that “I am a useless person, but I could do that, so everyone can do it!

The origin of this site name

“Rockbarsity” is a coined word which was combined with “Rock bar“(a place where we listen to Rock ‘n’ roll and can talk while drinking) and “Diversity

“Rockbarsity” contains a meaning like “We don’t need to be tied down with the common sense of society! fuck you!

Multilingual support

Rockbarsity is multilingual so that I can reach as many people as possible with my thoughts, thoughts, and works.

Even if the country is different, I think that human-like parts such as entertainment and worries are common throughout the world.

That’s why I’m currently offering content in Japanese and English.

So in addition to my daily activities, I am currently studying English. (Because I’m neither a returnee nor a highly educated person, I think probably I mistake for grammar ……)

Activity Policy

Rockbarsity’s three main components
  1. Expression activity by art
  2. Expression activity by blog
  3. Counseling room

① Creative expression activity

I like art!

Here, I publish the music and pictures I created.

Especially when it comes to composition, I am confident that I will be second to none, and I will be second to none in prominent professional artists, so I’m going to make a lot of such music that will move the listeners’ hearts.

I also publish the developed iPhone app, so please play if you like 🙂

② Expression activity by blog

Based on my own many mistakes and the knowledge I gained, I would like to write my thoughts and philosophical opinions on various things such as life, work, society, and mentality.

And I hate naive thinking, so I’m going to write my opinions honestly.

In particular, I would like to write articles that are easy for anyone to read!

Let’s think about various problems together ♪

It shouldn’t be a selfish article, so I’ll express my thoughts in an easy-to-understand manner!


③ Counseling room

I have been worried more than anyone else, so I set up a counseling room. I wanted to provide a place where people’s worries will be alleviated as much as possible.

It’s like a radio, so if you send a message to the question box, I’ll answer it, so feel free to ask a question.

I think it’s better to worry with other people than to worry alone.


As described, an integrated entertainment site where has such contents: artworks, a blog which is written my opinion and know-how, and my thought about various issues, a place where people reveal their own worries, etc.
That is Rockbarsity!

Aiming for a society where individuality is more respected, we will offer a lot of contents individuality!

I hope you will enjoy your stay! 😉