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Welcome to Rockbarsity!!

I’ve created a city where I, aiming to be the No.1 artist in the world while struggling to live, develop a variety of content here in order to demonstrate the talents I have been given from heaven and to share my experiences and opinions with the aim of achieving a better society.

Here I’ll explode a lot of feelings, such as an artwork I’ve made while shaving off my life, my thoughts on this rotten society!

In particular, since I have had many bitter feelings, I would like to aim to provide a space for people who have difficulty living in this society to let off steam.

Let’s destroy this stiff sense of social obstruction together!!!

What is Rockbarsity?

An integrated entertainment site that fights difficult to live!

I was different from people around me, and I have lived with a sense of the difficulty of life that accompanied that.

I have experienced a lot of bitter things, so I do not want to give up now and I want to transform this corrupt society into a society in which each and every one of us feels his or her own character and happiness, irrespective of nationality, gender, educational background, ability, personality, sexuality.

I hope that by expressing a variety of things here through entertainment and speech, communicating my experiences, and raising questions, I can help people with difficulty in life to lighten their hearts as much as possible.

What the hell is normal?! Fuck you!!

Also, because I am different from others, I have special abilities that are different from others, and I am extremely confident about my music ability.

Therefore I want to make a lot of works that dynamically move the hearts of the listeners through enjoyable and beautiful melodies and messages of lyrics, making use of my ability to compose and paint.

And by the success of my future activities, I want to prove that “I’ve made it so far even as a dropout, so everyone can do it!

Origin of this site name

“Rockbarsity” is a combination of “rock bar” that can drink and talk while listening to rock and “diversity

And “Rockbarsity” contains the following meaning.

We don’t have to be bound by the common sense of the world! Fuck you!

Multilingual support

Rockbarsity is multilingual so that as many people as possible can deliver my thoughts and works.

Even though countries are different, I think that humanistic areas such as entertainment and worries are common throughout the world.

Therefore, we are currently transmitting content in both Japanese and English.

Yep, I am currently studying English in addition to my day-to-day activities. (I am not a returnee or a high-school student, so I may have a mistake in English…)

Activity Policy

Rockbarsity’s three main policy
  1. Expression activity by art
  2. Expression activity by blog
  3. Counseling room

① Expression activity by art

I like art!

Here I publish the music and pictures I created.

Especially when it comes to songwriting, I’m confident that I will be second to none, and I won’t almost lose against well-known professional artists.

Frankly speaking, I think I am a genius.

If I create a catchy melody, I won’t lose to anyone.

In the future, I will create a lot of such music that dynamically moves the listener’s mind.

I’ve really suffered a lot from handicaps so far, so I’m absolutely going to succeed in music.

My dream is to become the world’s best artist.

I have always believed myself.

By the way, I’m also disclosing the iPhone app I’ve developed, so please play if you like it 🙂

② Expression activity by blog

I would like to write my thoughts and philosophical opinions on various issues such as life, work, society, and mental health, based on the obstacles I have faced in my life, the many failures I have made, and the knowledge I have gained.

I hate fine-sounding talk, so I’m going to write my opinions honestly.

In particular, I would like to write an article that anyone can read and understand.

I don’t want to write a self-righteous article like the intellectuals do well.

Let’s think together about various issues♪

Since it should not be made a self-righteous article, I would like to an article in an easy-to-understand, objective, and neutral manner as much as possible!


③ Counseling room

I have had a lot of trouble so far, so I have set up a counseling room to provide a place where makes mind of people who have trouble as light as possible.

Since this is like a radio, if you send a message, I can answer it

I wanted to provide a place where people’s worries will be alleviated as much as possible.

It’s just like a radio, so if you send me a message from the question box, I’ll answer the question.

Feel free to ask a question!

I am not a noble man or a virtuous man, but I think he has less prejudice than a common man.

So if you have any trouble, I would like you to send me a question without hesitation.

I think it is easier to feel good when I worry with others than when I worry alone.


In this way, an integrated entertainment site where has such contents: music, painting, a blog which is written my opinion and know-how and my thought about various issues, a place where people reveal their own worries, etc…

That is Rockbarsity!

Aiming to create a society in which individuality is respected, I will send out a lot of information individually!

I hope you enjoy your stay! 😉