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Destroy common sense!!

Welcome to Rockbarsity!

I, as an artist aiming for a higher level despite having extreme difficulty in living, have created a town where I can develop various content to show my special talents without being bound by common sense and to convey my experiences and opinions for a better society.

My works that contain the fresh sensibility of a social misfit, my thoughts on this rotten world, and many other emotions are exploding here!

What the hell is normal?! Fuck you!!

Break the stagnation and common sense of this rigid society!!

What is Rockbarsity?

An entertainment site of light and shadow that destroys common sense

The keyword in my life is diversity.

I’m quite different from people around me, and I have lived my life feeling uncomfortable.

I’ve been through so much pain and suffering, so I think we need to change this shitty world into a society where each and every one of us can feel our own identity and happiness, regardless of nationality, gender, education, ability, personality, or sexuality.

Also, because I am different from others, I have special artistic abilities that are different from others.

So, I want to make use of my ability to compose music and draw paintings to create a lot of works that will dynamically move the hearts of many people.

And by expressing myself through entertainment and speech, sharing my experiences, and raising issues, I want to light a fuse in the hearts of people who are having a hard time living in this society, and I want to destroy the rotten common sense together.

Also, by succeeding through my future activities, I want to prove that even a useless person like me could succeed and that everyone can do it if they try.

Origin of the name

The word “Rockbarsity” was coined by combining the word “Rockbar,” where you can drink and chat while listening to rock music, and the word “Diversity.”

You don’t have to be bound by common sense of the world! You bastard!!” is the meaning of this word.

Multilingual support

In order to reach as many people as possible with my thoughts, ideas, and works, Rockbarsity is multilingual.

Even though countries are different, I think that human aspects such as entertainment and worries are common throughout the world.

That’s why I’m currently sending out content in both English and Japanese.

So, in addition to my daily activities, I’ve been studying English (I’m not a returnee, nor do I have a high educational background, so I’m sure I’m making grammar mistakes ^_^)

Activity policy

Three main policies of Rockbarsity
  1. Music production
  2. Painting production
  3. Blogging about social problems or raising issues

① Music production

This is where you can see the music I created.

I’m confident that I’m second to none, especially when it comes to composing music, and I’ll never be beaten by famous professional artists. Seriously.

Well, to be frank, I think I’m a genius.

I’m mainly active on YouTube, so take a peek if you want 😋

I’m currently active targeting the world, and I want to surprise the world.

I’m working to show the world once again the craziness that Japanese people used to be proud of.

② Painting production

This is where you can see the paintings I created.

I want to paint a variety of paintings with flexible ideas, and I’m always thinking that I want to paint in a way that is unconventional and stimulates the imagination of the viewers.

I like painters like Picasso, Van Gogh, Dali, and Chagall.

My main drawing material is watercolor.

③ Blogging about social problems or raising issues

I want to write about my opinions on life, work, society, mental health, and many other things, based on the knowledge I have gained from the many failures and thick obstacles I have encountered in my life.

I really hate fine-sounding talk, so I will say what I really want to say without worrying about appearances.

Also, I want to write articles that are easy to understand, no matter who is reading them.

I don’t want to write articles like a self-satisfied college professor’s shitty trash class.


As you can see, Rockbarsity is a bomb entertainment site that will ignite the fuse of your heart when you are fed up with sad, painful, and boring daily life through artworks such as music, paintings, and blogs that contain thoughts on various issues, know-how, and my arguments!

I’m going to send out messages in a unique way, aiming for a society where individuality is more respected!

So, please take your time +。:.゚ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚.:。+゚ hahahahaha!