All Japanese unhardworking plan! hardworking people lose more.

hardworking people and unhardworking people.

I feel that hardworking people are more exhausted, and conversely, unhardworking people are more enjoying their lives.

Hardworking people do their best to work, but because of their diligence, they have a lot of work and worries, and they can’t say “NO!”.

And because they have a strong sense of responsibility, their nerves are easily exhausted.

I think that hardworking people feel a little difficulty of living in society.

I really understand! I have to do what’s in front of me, I have to get it done! Then, I put pressure on myrself…

Some of my friends are very hardworking, but she always looks tired and I’m worried about her.

Of course, hardworking has a very good side, and I think it is a property that should be praised.

However, I used to be a hardworking type of person, and I’ve seen a lot of hardworking people, and now I think like this.

It’s okay if I’m not hardworking.

We don’t have to work too hard, and now I think it’s better to relax and live.

In other words, I think it’s better to live aiming for the middle between hardworking and unhardworking.

This article is an article that encourages you to gradually become less hardworking, and if something will change in your mind by the time you finish reading this article, I would be very happy.

I thought it is ridiculous to being hardworker

Looking at myself in the past and the hardworking people around me, I feel that the hardworking people are living with great difficulty.

Because they are hardworking, they will continue to do their best even if it is already difficult.

And in some cases, it breaks their heart.

At that time, I looked at myself and the people who are hardworking around me and suddenly wondered, “Why do hardworking people have to feel difficulty? It’s ridiculous.”

It’s great to work hard and seriously, but on the other hand, I’m not convinced that they are mentally exhausted.

And at one point, I started to feel ridicule to being hardworking

“I’m doing so hard, but why I’m often feeling stress? On the other hand, the unhardworking people are happier than me, and they are evaluated well. Isn’t it the other way around? It’s crazy!!”

So, I got angry and felt that such a structure in the world was ridiculous, and finally stopped doing my best hardworking.

I was really angry at the rotten structure of the world that the more hardworking people lose.

People are less motivated if they feel that what they are doing is not rewarded.
I think it can’t be helped…

However, as a result, my way of life changed.

Life has become easier than before, and now I feel like I don’t mind if I fail.

I didn’t push myself too much, like doing what I should do and not doing what I didn’t have to do.

As a result of being unhardworking, I feel that my mental health is better than when I was hardworking.

However, I still take some serious work for the given work.

I don’t feel like I’m trying to do everything lazily, but I don’t feel like trying to do it perfectly as well.

The problem is “too hardworking”

Right now, I’m in the stance of doing my best when I have to do my best without being nerve-wracking.

I think the reason why hardworking people have a hard time is that they are “too” hardworking.

I just think that hardworking people have no problem and that the problem is the type of person who is too hardworking.

I’m still hardworking, but now I’m not pushing myself too much.

I’m not trying to keep trying very hardworking now, thinking “I can’t do what can’t be done” or “If I fail, I can’t help it”.

As a result, what I feel nerve-wracking is relatively decreasing.

Therefore, if you are having a hard time because of your hardworkingness, you should relax your “too hardworking personality” to “moderately hardworking personality“.

If you have a stance like “I’ll do my best for what I gave, but I’ll take a break, I can’t do what can’t be done, and I’ll say NO even if I’m asked to do more work”, I think your difficulty will be decreasing.

You may ask yourself, “Is what we should do in front of us really bet our lives?

I’m sure there are many things that aren’t that important in life.

If so, don’t you have to work too hard?

A world where people who have worldly wisdom benefit

In order to live better in this world, I think we need to live efficiently.

For example, if you play while browsing the internet at work and pretend that you are working hard only when your boss is nearby, your evaluation will not go down, no matter how much you usually skip your work.

As described, it is one reality that people who can live efficiently even if they are not hardworking can spend a better life, so if that is the case, there is no need to continue to work hard, and I think that if you live by cutting corners efficiently, you will have more space for live in yourself and have a better life.

I’ve often such a seen in American movies. A scene where a worker is playing a game in the office and behaves as if he is working by switching screens only when his boss comes lol

I don’t think you need to do anything seriously.

I think it’s okay to relax a little more and live a little more loosely.

I think it’s better to relax a little more and aim for moderate hardworkingness.

What happens if you become unhardworking?

It’s not that something bad happens when you get a little unhardworking.

if you get welfare, you will not die.

Even if you get fired from a company, there are many other companies.

Even if your friends hate you, there are many other people who can be friends.

hardworking is not absolute justice, and a little unhardworking does not mean that bad things happen.

Rather, by stabilizing your mind, you may be able to perform even better than when you were so hardworking.

I’m not telling you to be a bad boy.

I don’t mean to recommend a messed up life.

I think it’s okay to relax a little more.

“Ingenuity” to improve life is important, isn’t it?

You don’t have to be perfect

I think it’s okay for humans to be a little unhardworking.

I don’t think there are any perfect human beings or innocent human beings in the world, so I think it’s okay if you are a little unhardworking as long as you don’t commit any crimes.

if you become a little unhardworking at first, after that you can keep that unhardworking status normally like you can keep eating food which you didn’t like after you ate a bite of the food and thought “it’s unexpectedly delicious”.

Being unhardworking does not mean that you will die.

You don’t have to be perfect.

I think it would be better to live a little rough and a little unhardworking as a human being.
I think that is natural as a human being.

Of course, I don’t mean to completely deny hardworking.

As I say many times, I think that balance is important.


People often say, “Efforts will be rewarded” and “If you do your best, there will always be good things”, but is that true?

It is also a reality that there are many people who get sick as a result of earnest and hard work.

Is hardworking really the absolute justice and correct answer?

I don’t think that’s the case.

There are many people in the world who are successful even if they are not hardworking, so let’s all feel at ease and be unhardworking!

Is it like an Italian?

I think “Italian = unhardworking” is probably a stereotype, but if you stay like them of the image, life will be easier.


If you are too hardworking and feel tired, why don’t you relax and become a little unhardworking?

That was my proposal.

I would be happy if you who id hardworking could be a little unhardworking! 🙂


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