Refuting the “Ranking Jobs at the Bottom”

An article on the Internet titled “Ranking Jobs at the Bottom” is being heavily criticized.

A job-hunting information website introduced 12 occupations under the title “Jobs at the Bottom,” and explained why each occupation is considered “at the bottom.

The article seems to be deleted now.

I didn’t actually see the content of the articles either, I only saw the articles that introduced the content of Ranking Jobs at the Bottom, but at least according to those articles, it didn’t seem like there was an intent to discriminate.

The purpose of the article was to introduce occupations that are generally considered to be at the bottom of the social ladder, and the ranking was announced after the words, “Let’s realize that the occupations called bottom jobs are those who support society, and it is because of people like that that we are where we are today.”

So I got the impression that there seemed to be no intention to discriminate against specific industries.

After all, there was no intent to discriminate, but there were a lot of people who were offended by the phrase “jobs at the bottom,” and it seemed to be heavily criticized.

Well, to be honest, I think they deserved to be criticized lol

I feel like I’m being looked down upon when I’m called “at the bottom.”

If some weird reporter said to me in an air-conditioned room, “Your job is at the bottom,” I’d be pissed off too.

What is the basis for saying “your job is at the bottom?”

Are you judging by whether the salary is high or low? Is it based on whether the working hours are high or low? Are you judging by whether or not you could get a job that ranks high on the list of jobs people want to have?

I think the reporter who wrote this Ranking Jobs at the Bottom is judging blue-collar = bottom and white-collar = winner.

Below are the 12 occupations featured in the Ranking Jobs at the Bottom.

  • Civil engineering/construction worker
  • Security staff
  • Factory worker
  • Warehouse worker
  • Convenience store clerk
  • Cleaning staff
  • Truck Driver
  • Garbage Collection Staff
  • Restaurant Staff
  • Care worker
  • Childcare Worker
  • Call center staff

In other words, I think the evaluation standard is that those who work in occupations that use their brains are winners and those who work in occupations that use their bodies are at the bottom.

It is true that people in professions that use their brains tend to be paid more and people in professions that use their bodies tend to be paid less.

If the reporter is referring to the so-called “at the bottom” in terms of salary, this is not necessarily wrong, although it may be a good or bad way to express it.

But work is not something that can be discussed only in terms of salary, and I would like to discuss this from the angle of “Are they really at the bottom? and are they a scourge to society and not a respected profession?”

I heard that there were a lot of people who were angry because they felt discriminated and ridiculed.

In conclusion, both jobs that use the brain and those that use the body are necessary in society, and to be honest, the idea that blue-collar workers are at the bottom and white-collar workers are the winners is out of focus.

For example, if we consider the human body, someone may say, “My brain is a winner because it is smart, but my legs are at the bottom because they do nothing but walk on the ground,” but we need both, and it doesn’t mean that we don’t need legs.

Both are necessary for the human body, and this is not something that can be simply discussed in terms of superiority or inferiority.

Each has its own role, and each part of the human body fulfills its assigned role so that we can lead our lives smoothly.

So this is not about superiority or inferiority, but about the division of roles.

Society is the same.

A doctor has the role of using his knowledge to help patients.

A carpenter uses his or her physical strength to build buildings where people can live in peace.

In this way, each profession has its own role, and society is enriched by the roles played by various people.

Therefore, no matter what profession you are in, I think you should work with the spirit that I am supporting society!

Incidentally, there was a recent court case in Japan in which a sex industry operator who was excluded from receiving a COVID subsidy sued the government, claiming “That’s occupational discrimination!”

But the court dismissed the lawsuit, saying that there is a reasonable basis for treating the sex industry differently from other types of businesses.

That’s much more of a problem than Ranking Jobs at the Bottom!

This is simply perfect job discrimination.

“The characteristics of the sex industry, which is to provide services that satisfy sexual curiosity for a fee from customers, are contrary to the moral consciousness of the majority of the public, and there is a rational basis for treating them differently.” by Judge

It makes me want to vomit to imagine that they are saying such a nice-sounding talk, but behind the scenes, they are in the sex industry.

To my moral consciousness, people in the sex industry don’t go against me at all, and when I look at the percentage of men who have used the sex industry, I hardly think it goes against the moral consciousness of the majority of the public.

I would hate to be judged by such a vague standard of morality in the first place!

The sex industry is an industry that exists because it fulfills its role and is useful to society.

It’s really terrible, isn’t it?

It would be better to denounce the judiciary for its perfect job discrimination rather than Ranking Jobs at the Bottom, which is not discriminatory even if the expression is inappropriate.

If the judiciary really has never been to the sex industry, they should try it once as a social experience.

Then maybe the judiciary’s judgment will change.

Or, if the business operators who lost the case appeal and go to court several times and find a court with a judge who has been to the sex industry, they might be able to get an unconstitutional ruling lol

When I came to my senses, I was like, what am I talking about?

The last part of my story has proven to you that my brain is at the bottom.


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