A story about how Japan would be better off if all politicians were replaced by comedians

National elections are coming up.

I am personally interested in politics and have many complaints about politics, so of course I will vote, but come to think of it, I didn’t go to the mayoral election that recently took place.

There are always reports on national political issues, but there are no reports on issues in my own city, and since I don’t feel dissatisfied with the city I live in, I felt it was too much of a hassle to go and vote, so I ended up not going.

I felt that media coverage is very important, and the low voter turnout means that many people are not dissatisfied and that this is a peaceful country.

But I don’t think it is at all necessary to change the problems that have been pointed out in the media, such as the money problems of politicians, the sloppy policies seen in the COVID measures, and the political stance of favoring vested interests and thinking only of the votes in front of them.

Even though the current situation is generally peaceful, if these problems are left unchecked, the bill will eventually come due.

In fact, it is obvious that Japan’s population is decreasing and the country’s strength is declining, and I have heard various experts say that Japan will have a very difficult time in the near future.

So reform is needed, but looking at the current government, it seems that they have no intention of reforming at all.

If they don’t do anything, they won’t be criticized, and their approval rating remains high.

I’ve heard a lot of criticism in various places about the current government not doing anything, but I guess it all boils down to the fact that Japan is peaceful.

Even though there are voices of dissatisfaction with politics from various sources, I think it is necessary to accept the fact that our country is at peace.

Well, ideally, even in such a peaceful situation, politicians should take the initiative and do what needs to be done with an eye to future challenges. That’s the way it should be.

Because in order for them to do that, we elect them as representatives of our country.

And yet, it doesn’t look at all like the current politicians are doing what they should be doing.

They are just protecting their vested interests and have no intention of improving Japan as a whole anymore.

Well, I guess that’s just the way people are, and only when Japan starts to suffer and dissatisfaction begins to swirl in society will the reforms that have been neglected so far start to move forward.

So, irresponsibly speaking, I think it is one thing to just let things flow until then.

Or, what I have been thinking recently is that if more and more successful and famous people became politicians and became active in politics, society would change drastically.

At the very least, I think that Japanese society would be much better off if comedians ran the country rather than the current politicians.

The politicians are not funny at all, but if comedians could speak, I think that many more people would become interested in politics.

I feel that today’s politicians are like bureaucrats or are strangely logical.

I think bureaucrats and politicians are completely different creatures, and naturally their roles are completely different.

My theory is that politicians should be entertainers.

I think that a politician is supposed to inform people about the problems of the country in an easy-to-understand and entertaining way, to get people interested in the issues, and to encourage them to vote for him or her.

After all, in order to make reforms and get things moving, they need the will of the people, in other words, a large number of votes.

And in order to gather a large number of votes, unique and interesting messages from comedians, artists, etc. that are full of entertainment value would be extremely effective.

If many votes are gathered in this way, and it becomes visible that many people support what the politician is saying, it will be easier for various reforms to proceed, and I think that society will change rapidly.

That is why I think it is impossible for the current elitist politicians to change things in many ways.

If the current intellectual elite politicians are going to run the country, I think the only way is to wait until the country is suffering and the society wants reform.

Instead, I think it would be better for the country to change while having fun rather than suffering, and that is why I think comedians are better suited for politics, so I personally hope that comedians I sometimes see who say that they are interested in politics and have thought about running for office will run for office. I strongly think so.

Sometimes there is strong criticism of celebrities running for office, but I think that is not good for society.

I know it is the Japanese tendency to try to drag down those who stand out, but I don’t think this will improve society.

I think it is difficult for things to move unless people with the ability to communicate and entertain themselves play a central role.

Also, I imagine that the biggest concern of people with entertainment value is, “Will I be able to handle something as difficult as politics?”

I think it is true that comedians and artists tend to have a hard time thinking logically.

I don’t think this is prejudice, but a fact.

But I think that such difficult logic and other aspects should just be left to trusted subordinates who are good at logic.

I think that just as a warlord who has achieved success in battle had an excellent military strategist, They should leave the parts they are not good at to their subordinates man and play to their strengths (entertainment that attracts the masses).

Everything is a division of roles. They don’t have to do everything on their own.

If they don’t understand something, they can ask a trusted expert.

If they did that, I think they would be able to create a much better political system than the one we have now.

Well, if a comedian becomes a politician, and if society drags them down, then I think they should just give up and say, “That’s the kind of society we have here”

It is the responsibility of all members of society for the decline of society.

And if after the decline, people realize that the trend of dragging others down is a mistake, future generations will create a society that does not drag others down.

So, I think they should just let go of the idea that they alone are not responsible for the results of what they do, and do whatever they want during the election, such as putting on a comic show or a concert.

I think that doing a variety of interesting things in that direction would be a good way to break through the current shabby and stagnant politics.


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