Super surprising! Even if I improved my logical thinking ability, my composition ability did not degrade at all

I’m very good at composing.

a melody often comes into my head.

I also like to draw and watch, and I am confident that I can come up with unique ideas.

There is no doubt that my qualities are right-brain type qualities.

Even when I was a student, the evaluation of art and crafts was good, and the evaluation of science and mathematics was terrible lol

I’m such a creative person, but after graduating from university, I got a job in IT which is the opposite of my qualities.

Of course, I had no logical ability at all, so I had a lot of trouble at work, but at the same time, I gradually acquired logical thinking ability.

But on the other hand, I was worried about one thing.

It was that if the logical thinking ability developed, the creative ability would be lost.

I don’t know a person who can do everything.

For example, Leonardo da Vinci is said to be a versatile genius, but I think he was a science person.

When I say like above, I’m likely to hear the following opinions.

“Leonardo da Vinci has left a lot of masterpieces, and Mona Lisa is a work of art that everyone knows! It’s true that he was able to do art!”

However, I think it’s a little different, and Leonardo da Vinci just reproduces the real world with a brush, so from my point of view, I think he is a little different from an artist.

The artists I think are people who express beyond the real world, such as Picasso, Dali, and Chagall, and if people want to accurately reproduce the real world with a brush, people should improve their skills as a craftsman. I don’t think they can be called an artist unless I can feel the unique ideas and imagination from their work.

So I think Leonardo da Vinci wasn’t an artist, he was a science person.

Leonardo da Vinci has other achievements in architecture, science, mathematics, anatomy, astronomy, etc., and I certainly think he is a scientist.
However, at the same time, he seems he has an achievement in music, so I definitely want to listen to his music.

That’s right. But if his music is good, I might have to admit that it’s a versatile genius. Anyway, I really want to listen to it

No one can do anything, and I think no one has conflicting abilities at the same time at a high level.

So I was a little worried that the melody wouldn’t come to my mind when I came to be able to program.

So, in this article, I would like to explain my experience of working for an IT company for 6 years and continuing to compose in parallel.

Did the ability to compose music degrade as a result of the improvement in logical thinking?


First of all, I’ve been making music like this.

When I was posting music works on YouTube in the past, I was in the middle of improving my logical thinking ability, and by the time I started singing in English, I felt a response to my logical thinking ability.

A term was two years (Spring 2018-Summer 2020) from the time I start posting music to YouTube in earnest until I start writing songs in English.

During that time, my logical thinking ability continued to improve at work, and I continued to post my work on YouTube while composing in parallel.

As you can see from the progress of those two years, as a result, my composition ability did not degrade at all.

In 2018 and 2019 when my logical thinking ability is increasing,
a melody often comes into my head, and even now when my logical thinking ability increased, a melody often comes into my head.

Rather, I think that nowadays, there are more variations in composition than before, and the composition ability is improving.

Even if my logical thinking ability (left brain) increased, my creative ability (right brain) did not degrade at all.

I’m writing songs for my next album now, but 6 of the 8 songs have already completed the melody.

In this way, my worries never became a reality.

Abilities don’t interfere with other abilities.

What is the positive effect on composition by improving my logical thinking ability?

And by improving my logical thinking ability, as I mentioned earlier, it has a positive effect on composition.

I came to be able to understand music theory properly, and I came to be able to analyze and improve my weak points in composition.

My composition ability didn’t degrade at all, and I can now complement my own composition ability in various ways.

So I’m really glad that my logical thinking ability has improved.

I feel that logical thinking ability is very useful in music production, and logical thinking ability is also useful in everyday life.


So far, I have briefly reviewed my experience and talked about improving my logical thinking ability didn’t adversely affect my ability to compose.

There is a history of my works I’ve been making as evidence, and I think it is reasonably convincing.

Well, it’s hard to show evidence of improved logical thinking, but how terrible I used to be was that even if I had something to tell, my mind was messed up and I couldn’t tell the situation at all, and the program I made was full of bugs, and I could hardly understand what was said from my colleague every day.

I’m not exaggerating, it was really terrible lol

Originally, I was quite confident in my ability to compose, but as a result, my confidence in composition became even deeper as I acquired the ability to think logically.

Now I think I can make a song like I want to make anything.

Normally, composers run out of their talent if they write a lot of songs, but I think that’s probably not the case for me.

Because I think that now I have the ability to analyze logically and can improve problems.

You are very confident!
I envy you.

Well, it was harder than I imagined lol
It’s too painful to keep doing things that are not suitable for me.

But it was a very interesting case.
I’ve never seen such research.

I think that those who are interested in various things should challenge more and more.

I think that the possibilities that people have are endless.

In any case, training one ability does not degrade the other!

So I will continue to write hard songs and continue to prove my bottomless composition ability.

So, if you like, please follow Spotify!

Thank you for reading!

I will continue to make various things 😉


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