Talk about how the point deduction method is the worst evaluation method

I hate the attitude of not looking at the good points of the other person.

Of course, I hate the attitude of trying to find other people’s problems.

I have been educated by the point deduction method until I became an adult.

The point deduction method is, for example, an evaluation method in which a person’s evaluation starts from 100 points at first, and then each time the person has a failure or problem, the score is gradually subtracted from 100 points.

On the other hand, there is also a method called the point addition method.

It is a method that a person starts from 0 points at first, but when the person succeeds or the problem of the person improves, the points are added more and more from 0 points.

In short, it can be said that the point deduction method is to evaluate based on negative factors, and the point addition method is to evaluate based on positive factors.

However, it does not mean which one is absolutely superior, and I think it is necessary to use it properly depending on the situation.

For example, when making things, I think the point deduction method is more suitable than the point addition method.

Unless the company that makes the plane checks the problems of the aircraft one by one and the inspection is disqualified if there is even one problem, I think we are scared to fly.

Looking only at the completed part, “I made an engine! it’s OK! I made a steering wheel! OK! I made a nice wing! OK! departure!”
I think It’s a really scary airplane…

Perhaps the passenger will never trample the earth’s ground again.
Oh, I’m scared.

There are some situations where the point deduction method is more suitable than the point addition method, but I think that the point deduction method is not good for people, so I think we should look at people by using the point addition method.

I have been educated by using the point deduction method in the past, and since I started working and have worked with various people and had various personal experiences, now I feel the harmful effects of the point deduction method.

I hope more people will think by the point addition method.

In the future, if we do not think by the point addition method, we cannot expect proper growth as a company or as an individual, and we will lose to various social competitions, and it will be difficult to obtain the desired results.

So why do I think the point deduction method is not good?

Based on my experience, I would like to explain the reason in detail below.

Discourage the challenge

If the company’s evaluation method is the point deduction method, if people fail, a low evaluation will be given, so there is a high possibility that employees will lose their willingness to take on challenges.

I think that a culture of maintaining the status quo will be built there.

In the first place, when it comes to taking on new challenges, the probability of failure is much higher than success, so if there is an environment that employees are given low appraisal with high probability, I think that people usually don’t challenge by taking a high risk.

On the other hand, in the case of the point addition method, if the challenge is positively evaluated even if it fails, I think the number of people who will try to challenge without fear of failure will increase.

In the first place, taking on a new challenge and succeeding is like a kind of gambling or lottery.

There are countless people in the world who have tried but failed.

There are only a handful of successful cases in the world.

However, I think it is also true that success can only be achieved by betting on that small possibility.

We can’t expect success without risk. If there is no challenge, nothing will change from the current situation.

I don’t think there is any need to change anything if the status quo is acceptable, but if you have a desire to “do something new!” or “want to succeed!”, and want more employees to take on the challenge, I think you have no choice but to adopt the point addition method.

The point deduction method will make people atrophied. I think it’s only natural that no one wants to do new things on the point deduction method environment.

It will be necessary to create a good mechanism that utilizes human characteristics. If you want to increase the number of people who take on challenges, you must create an environment that increases the number of people who take on challenges positively.

By the way, the following opinion is about Japanese sports, I personally feel that there are too many wrestlers who don’t want to promote in Sumo.

Their responsibilities when they promoted are extremely heavy, and even if there is any small problem, the senior leaders of the Sumo Association immediately say “Tradition is important!” or “Dignity and morality are important!”.

So I think that no one wants to promote to the upper position.

If the defeat of the promoted wrestler increases, they have to retire or demoted, he will be annoyed about dignity and morality from senior leaders, and the responsibility of that position is quite big, so I think the pain part of being high position (sum of responsibility and pressure and criticism and etc.) is bigger than the reward for being high position (sum of salary and fame).

I think this is also a harmful effect of the point deduction method, and I think that the Sumo Association should not just criticize wrestlers immediately, they should think about how Sumo can become a more attractive sport.

If the wrestlers are criticized by fellow organizations, the wrestlers will be less motivated, and if people see such a scene, I think the number of people who want to become wrestlers will decrease.

As a result, if the Sumo population shrinks, it is the senior leaders of the Sumo Association who will eventually take damage.

We are off the topic.

But do wrestlers all want to promote? How is it actually?

Cannot effectively bring out the power of others

With the point deduction method, it’s hard to notice the good points of the person.

Or rather, they probably don’t feel like finding the good point in the first place.

But I think it’s the same as not riding a vehicle at all because of caring about a traffic accident. (Except if a person can’t ride because of some mental illness)

You can get good results by bringing out the good parts, but I think it is very wasteful to miss the opportunity to get the good effects that should be obtained because of looking only at the bad parts.

On the other hand, with the point addition method, it is necessary to think about the good points of the person, so I think that it will naturally become possible to think constructively about the ability of the person.

Whether it’s a company or an individual, I think it’s important to have an attitude of looking at the good parts of the other person.

Since we are human beings, there are many problems, and if we are alive, we may meet people who we think that their behavior is out of the ordinary and their ability is low.

However, there are some good points for any person, so I think it would be a waste to see only the bad points and deny them all.

I think it’s like throwing away all the bananas that are partly black.

Well, it’s easy for people with the point deduction method, because they just criticize.

It takes more effort to try to see the good points.

However, once you find the good points of the other person, you will be able to use that power of that person after that, so you will have a higher chance of doing things in your favor.

Therefore, I think it is much more productive to think in terms of the point addition method.

No one is perfect. If I look only at the problems, I feel like I can’t do anything in my life.

I don’t think I can do anything productive

Demoralize people

People get motivated when they are complimented.

When complimented, dopamine is secreted in the brain, which makes the brain feel good.

Since the human brain has such a mechanism, it is natural for humans to be happy and motivated when they are complimented.

However, people gradually lose their motivation when only the problems are pointed out.

Dopamine cannot be secreted in the brain because only problems are pointed out and not complimented.

Rather, I think the risk of losing confidence is greater.

So, instead of just pointing out the problems, I think an evaluator has to set goals properly and gives a good evaluation if a person clears those goals.

I think it’s just irresponsible to criticize only the problems without showing the passing line and complimenting what they have done.

I don’t think it’s productive at all.

I think that depriving people of motivation is a bad effect of the point deduction method.

A long time ago, a friend who criticized me for what I was doing was annoying, so I was insanely angry at that time. It’s just annoying

Looking at the current opposition party in Japan, I think it’s really irresponsible to just criticize and not come up with any counterproposal.

Can’t make a highly convincing evaluation

If a person uses the point deduction method, the things people can’t do will stand out.

What people can’t do is more noticeable than what people can do, so people are more likely to get a low rating.

People are sensitive to negative elements.

For example, when purchasing things, it is generally good, but if there is one dissatisfaction point, that dissatisfaction point will stand out.

People tend to be more aware of the negative factors and risks.

Therefore, if one problem stands out and the other good parts are hidden, an evaluator can’t make a highly convincing evaluation and those who are evaluated will be dissatisfied.

In particular, I feel that the point deduction method tends to give a lower rating than usual.

From my experience, I think that the problems that people with the point addition method see and the problems that people with the point deduction method see will look different, even if they are the same problems.

It seems that one of the major reasons why people leave the company is the unfairness of evaluation.

There are various methods such as the point deduction method and the point addition method, but it is important to make an appropriate evaluation!


So far, I have explained the reason why the point deduction method is not good for seeing people.

If people use the point deduction method, people just criticize others, so it’s very easy.

However, because it is easy, the viewer does not think about anything, so I think that it is unlikely that any good results will be produced.

Of course, it is important to understand a person’s problems and improvements.

because if they do not understand the problems and improvements of people and give feedback to them, nothing will be improved and people will not grow.

It is important to understand the problems and points for improvement, but I think the problem is that people with the point deduction method tend to only point out the problems.

I think we have to convey, “you could do this. but you couldn’t do that. so do your best next time” instead of “you couldn’t do that. It’s not good”

And if you can actively find out the good points of others and effectively bring out their power, I think that it will lead to the growth and competitiveness of yourself and the organization to which you belong.

Also, if you look for a good point of others, I think that anyone has a good point unexpectedly.

No matter how you are angry at a person, the person has something good probably.

I was pretty terrible, so I think so very much lol

Anyway, thank you for staying so long!

thank you for your reading! 😉


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