A diverse society is still strong

Former U.S. President Donald Trump, who has numerous problems and allegations against him, is apparently holding a rally for his supporters recently.

From the video, there were many people at the venue and they were enthusiastic.

The U.S. is amazing.

Even someone with as many problems as he has has the opportunity to become president again like that.

It would be absolutely impossible in Japan today.

A leader is required to be clean and pure, and if someone like Trump were to run for office, he would be criticized a lot and immediately thrown out of office.

Japan does not yet have the diversity or tolerance to accept such a person full of problems.

Looking at the U.S., I think that a society with diversity is strong.

Diversity also means possibility.

With so much diversity, so many different things and services can be created.

If you compare the economic strength of Japan, which has no diversity, with that of the U.S., which has diversity, it is very obvious.

Well, it’s great to see a country with a president like Trump.

I guess it is partly because American politics up to that point was too shitty for the American people.

But in the end, a person has to be judged comprehensively.

No one is perfect, and everyone has flaws.

If you judge a person by his or her flaws alone, you are doomed to a bleak future.

In fact, the fact that a person has flaws is proof that he or she has strengths.

If you look at Trump, there is no shortage of his problematic actions and statements, but he is charismatic and his ability to do what he says he will do is amazing.

In fact, the U.S. economy has improved considerably thanks to him, and he has done things that ordinary people cannot do, such as crossing the North Korean border to meet with North Korean leaders.

I think this kind of tremendous ability to do things is backed up by Trump’s many unprecedented words and actions.

He has such a tremendous ability to execute because of his shortcomings in saying and doing unprecedented things.

Ability is two sides of the same coin.

If the disadvantage is small, the advantage is also small, and if the disadvantage is large, the advantage is also large.

Therefore, we must accept the fact that the other person has disadvantages, and then look at the other person’s advantages.

This kind of comprehensive judgment is extremely important when looking at a person.

Therefore, a diverse society that accepts a mixture of various things, including both weaknesses and strengths, is strong.

Such a society will have a mixture of strengths, which will make it easier to create various products and services by taking advantage of those strengths.

Well, still, Trump is amazing.

He is so crazy that he must be on drugs 26 hours a day, 365 days a year.

I really envy the society that accepts him.

Well, I guess there are many serious problems in American society, and the grass looks greener on the other side, but I personally find that free atmosphere very appealing.

By the way, as a Japanese, I have a concern. If Trump is re-elected, is there anyone who can talk to him now that Abe is gone?

I think a leader’s social skills are more important than his practical skills.

But Mr. Abe seemed to have both practical ability and sociability, so I think his passing is a real blow to Japan.

I know I got really sad at the end, but anyway, diversity is super important.


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