The state should imprison for life all those who don’t repay their parents!

I was a lousy child.

I took it for granted that food would be served, that I would be allowed to go to school, that I would be bought clothes and given an allowance, and I never thanked my parents.

I was always rebellious.

I made my parents cry, and I really caused them a terrible hardship.

If I could go back to those days, I wish I could beat myself up for saying those terrible things to my parents.

I want to keep beating myself up while saying, “Don’t take advantage of your parents, you piece of shit! Who do you think it’s thanks to, that a dickhead like you is able to live a carefree life every day, you idiot!”

I was a really lousy child.

But after being away from my parents and going through a lot of hardships in my life, I have come to understand how great my parents are.

Because I am such a person, I strongly and strongly believe that we all absolutely must repay our parents.

I think it should even be made obligatory by law.

I heard from a Filipino instructor when I was doing an online English conversation class that there is a culture in the Philippines where everyone gives money to their parents every month when they start working.

When I heard this, I thought it was a very good culture and I envied them.

It is wonderful that there is a culture of showing gratitude to parents, and I strongly felt that this kind of culture must take root in Japan as well.

It is said that quite a few people in Japan do not repay their parents even after they start working.

But that is absolutely wrong.

We should definitely show our gratitude to our parents.

Or rather, if we can realize the greatness of our parents, we would rather naturally want to repay them ourselves.

I think the difference between repaying your parents and not repaying them is simply the difference between not realizing how great they are and not realizing how great they are.

So, I would like to talk about why I believe that you should definitely repay your parents.

When we realize how great our parents are after they die, I think we will all feel a strong sense of regret.

There’s seriously no one else I’d rather be thankful for than my parents

Someone who cares about you more than anyone else is your parents

I am deeply convinced that there is no one else in the world for whom I am as grateful as my parents. (There may be cases where the parents who raised a child are not actually related by blood, or where the child has been raised by grandparents or relatives for a long time, but here I will describe them as parents as well).

The beings who have raised you and watched over you with such care and concern are, when you think about it, truly amazing.

There is probably no other being in the world that cares so much about you, no matter where you look.

They have taken care of you day in and day out since you were a child, worked hard to earn money and feed you even if it was hard for them to do so, and always stood by you and wished you happiness, no matter how rebellious you were to your parents or how much trouble you got into outside the home.

Is there anyone else like that?!?!?!

I’m sure your parents went through a lot of hardships in raising you.

It seems that in many cases, even those who have never felt gratitude for their parents become parents themselves, they come to understand the hardships of their parents who raised them, and at that time they realize how great they are for the first time.

I think parenting is really, really hard.

People all over the world have been raising their children as a matter of course, so there is an impression that parenting is something “normal.

It is natural to do it, and it is natural to be able to do it.

But if I think about it carefully, parenting is actually a huge project that takes up the whole life of a parent, and the level of difficulty is super high.

You have to take care of a crying baby every night, cook meals every day considering nutrition and menus, clean the house and do laundry after you get home from work when you already have a hard day’s work, and on top of that, you have to deal with your children’s selfishness and rebelliousness, and you have to worry about their school life and career paths, and so on. Of course, you have to think not only about your children but also about your own life, and you have to continue to do so for around 20 years, so this is already a very hard big project.

I think the parents in the world are actually doing a tremendous job.

We should not take for granted the love and kindness we are receiving from our parents now.

Even though I say such things now, when I was with my parents in the past, I took what they gave me for granted and was not grateful at all.

But later, I realized that this attitude was completely wrong.

When I realized my mistake, I regretted it intensely and helplessly.

How could I take it for granted to my parents, who have continued to care about me so much and have raised me with such care and respect despite all the hardships they’ve gone through?!

Why did I not show any gratitude, and why did I have the audacity to be cold to him!!

How could I, as a human being, do such a horrible thing to the only person in the world who has given me unselfish love for so long!!!

I believe that these things must be deeply, deeply engraved in my heart as a reflection on my past.

We should not take our parents’ love and their presence for granted.

It is truly too special to have someone who loves you so deeply and will always be by your side.

It is not something to be taken for granted.

The reason you are able to live the way you do now is because your parents gave birth and raised you

The reason you are able to hang out with friends, date your girlfriend, eat delicious food, play games, and devote yourself to your hobbies now is all because your parents gave birth and raised you.

All the joyful moments you have experienced in your life would not have existed if your parents had not given birth and raised you.

Life is often tough, but it is also a lot of fun, and if you are able to live your life with all the sweet and bitter aspects of it, you should be grateful to your parents for providing such a stage for you.

By the way, I am happy with my life now.

Therefore, I am going to live my life from now on with the primary goal of repaying my parents for preparing a happy life for me.

My strong desire to repay my parents is my daily motivation, and as a result, I am able to lead a more fulfilling life.

I really appreciate my parents for allowing me to live a fulfilling life like this.

When your parents die, you will always regret that you didn’t do anything for them

If your parents die before you repay them, you will surely regret it.

And I don’t think those regrets will disappear until they die.

For example, I lost my grandmother just before I graduated from college.

I had not yet left my parents, and I took my parents for granted, and I also took what my grandma gave me for granted.

I now think that I was wrong to think that way, and more than anything, I regret not having been able to give her anything.

I regret so much now that I wish I had done more things for my grandmother instead of just getting things from her all the time.

Even looking at the internet, there are so many people who regret not being able to repay their parents for their kindness.

Of course, there is no one more grateful than our parents, so we will always regret not repaying them or not being kind to them. That’s the way it is.

What you have been given, you will eventually want to give back.

If you don’t return it, you will definitely regret it when you can no longer return it.

You should accept the reality that your parents will surely die someday

Parents will definitely be gone someday.

It is impossible for them to stay by your side forever watching over you.

Death will surely come to your parents.

There is a saying in Japan, “When you want to repay your parents, they are gone.

It means that when you have experienced many things in your life, have known hardships, have a family, and have come to understand the hardships and love of your parents, and when you want to repay them, they are already gone.

I don’t think there is anything sadder than that.

The regret of not being able to repay your parents is so great.

If that is the case, you should repay your parents as much as you can from now until they die.

We should accept the reality that our parents will surely disappear from this world, and we should count backward from now and repay them as much as we can.

Also, by accepting the reality that our parents will surely die, we will be able to cherish our days until they die more and be kinder to them.

In this way, we should gradually repay what our parents have given us.

When our parents die, we should do everything we can to make them feel that although they went through a lot of hardships, they had a truly happy life.

You should make the life of the most important person in the world the happiest life possible with your own hands.

No need to repay special parents

Now, when you actually try to repay your parents, you may be enthusiastic about taking them on a round-the-world trip or taking them to a fancy restaurant for a delicious meal.

But I don’t think there is any need to repay your parents in such an exaggerated way.

Buying a birthday gift for a parent for about $20, taking care of their health, helping them with housework, talking to them more than usual, or saying a few words of thanks on a messaging app, these things are enough.

As a parent, they seem to be extremely happy just to feel appreciated by their children.

There is no need to repay parents in any special way.

Modest things are actually the most appreciated.

Incidentally, I have explained in detail in the past why it is the ordinary things that we should cherish the most, so if you are interested, please read this article as well.


If you can live your life with gratitude for your parents and for the modest things you take for granted every day, that’s enough.

In other words, if it is a small thing, you can start right away.

Time with parents is finite.

There is no time to hesitate.

If you feel the need to repay your parents now, take action immediately.

If you don’t show it through action, your parents will never know how much you appreciate them.

No matter how small it may seem, take action to repay your parents first.


So far, I have expressed my opinion about repaying your parents.

As I said at the beginning, I was a terrible child when I was a student.

When I realized how great my parents were, I realized that everything I had said and done in the past was completely wrong.

Since then, I have been repaying my parents in my own way. In a sense, I am atoning for my sins.

I am really glad that I realized the greatness of my parents while they were still alive.

If I had realized their greatness after they died, I would have lived my life with intense regret and self-denial.

I would have continued to regret that I had mistreated someone who loved me so much and made them unhappy by my own hand.

Parents are great.

But abusive parents are not.

I have only mentioned in this article the case of the average parent who loves his or her child.

The purpose of this article is that if you were not abused by your parents and you were raised with care, you should repay your parents with your own hands.

Incidentally, for Mother’s Day this year, I intend to send a watercolor painting I did myself along with a carnation and a handwritten letter.

I would like to add the words, “I am glad to be your mother’s child.”

But, my embarrassment is really tiny compared to the love and hard work my parents have done for me, so if they will be happy instead of me being embarrassed, I am willing to be embarrassed.

The point is, I just have to make sure that I don’t make a mistake in prioritizing what is important to me.

Right now, my parents are more important to me than myself.

So I want to continue to show my gratitude to my parents, even if it takes a lot of hard work on my part.

Parents are really great.

Family is more precious than anything else.

If you feel the need to repay your parents in any way after reading this article, why not actually show them your appreciation, even if it’s as small as buying them a $3 cake?

The only proof of change is taking action.

Let’s start little by little, starting with the smallest of repayments to your parents!


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