What is the “thinking method to reduce the difficulty of living” that I who am HSP think?

There are people who are super sensitive, commonly called HSP (Highly Sensitive Person).

I’m a type of HSP, and I’m sensitive and delicate, so I’ve often felt that it’s hard to live.

I’m too sensitive, so I get hurt immediately, I can’t refuse a request of others, I can’t say my opinion because I’m concerned about others, I feel tired because I’m worried about the atmosphere around me.
Like that, I’ve been struggling with my personality.

I have been deeply worried about why I feel hard to live, and I have been repetitious that worries again and again.

You play the guitar, and you sing.
I feel you are sociable.

HSP is not necessarily introverted. Although it’s sociable, there are some people who are HSP, and I personally think that there are many HSP among comedians.

HSP is a concept that expresses the nature of the person. It is not an illness.

but, it is also true that HSP is living while feeling hard to live, even if they are not ill.

I feel that this nature called HSP is extremely troublesome, especially in the work that I have to work with others.

I think that many of the office workers who have the nature of HSP want to improve that.

Actually I also wanted to improve that.

So I read various books about the mind and experienced various things in my daily life, and then I’m feeling that the pain I feel due to hard to live is relatively getting better.

I’m still sensitive, but I think it is easier to live and work than before.

I think that’s why I accepted the nature of HSP.

And I think it’s kind of giving up.

but, that giving up rather led to the ease of life.

Even if something happened, I thought “Well, it’s ok”, so I’m less worried about it than before.

In this article, I would like to talk about “the way of thinking” that how we who have hard to live should think and live.

Accepting – Five stages of grief –

If we want to get rid of the difficulty of living that is unique to HSP, we need to accept from the bottom of your heart that you are a delicate and sensitive person.

But I said we need to accept, but how can we actually accept it?

I think I have no choice but to experience many things.

For example, there is a theory in psychology called “Five stages of acceptance“.

This shows how the psychological state of a patient faced death changes, and it is expressed in five stages from the shock of the death to the acceptance of death.

Looking in detail, it looks like this.

Five stages of acceptance
  1. Denial – The stage of denying reality. we get a big shock like “It’s a lie!” “I can’t believe it!”.
  2. Anger – The stage of pointing the anger that “why I encounter such a situation” at around.
  3. Trading – The stage of starting to think about how to be saved and asking “God”.
  4. Depression – The stage of becoming depressed after we noticed that we can’t do anything by ownself.
  5. Acceptance – The stage of accepting the disease. In some cases, we can’t throw a hope away, but in the latter of acceptance, suddenly we realize, we say goodbye to hope, and leading to acceptance of the disease.

but, even if I simply say “accept”, I don’t think it’s easy to accept. but if we can accept it, I think it’s also true that we can get rid of hard to live, and we get a calm heart.

I think this applies not only illness but also broken hearts, and I think this is a universal human psychological process for overcoming sad reality.

But it seems painful to accept, and it’s not an easy task…

Yeah. It may be paradoxical, but you will suffer a lot, so I think that you will eventually be released from your worries.
If you turn away from reality, it won’t be solved forever.
I think that the mind has a function of accepting reality by facing firmly.

We don’t need to “cure” HSP. we need to accept it to some extent until we finally don’t mind how hard it is to live.

In fact, by gradually accepting this nature of myself, I gradually eased the difficulty of living.

Grass-type Pokemon is strong against water-type but weak against fire-type

Also, I think that people who find it difficult to live due to the characteristics of HSP need to focus on the strengths of HSP.

I think you find it hard to live because you are only looking at the negative aspects of HSP.

However, in reality, being an HSP is not only bad, but it also has good aspects, so when you start to look at those good aspects and see your characters positively, you gradually stop looking the only bad aspects.

For example, HSP is delicate, so they can be aware that others do not notice them, and have a high level of empathy to understand other’s feelings.
In addition, HSP can feel things deeply, so they can enjoy ordinary things from the bottom of their heart, and they also have the characteristics that they have excellent abilities such as art.

It may be possible for HSP to increase their own evaluation by using its sharpness of intuition as a strong point.
Also, HSP can also support others in the work by making use of their abilities which can feel a
detailed atmosphere.
Actually, I think that HSP is useful in a group.

HSP is amazing!
It looks like they have special abilities, so they are cool!

They can’t put magic in their hands, but I think they have enough abilities

HSP is difficult to live, but I think they are a great help for around them if they can demonstrate their abilities properly.

In other words, delicacy sometimes makes it hard to live, but sometimes it can be a strong point for them.

I think that if something is good, then something is not good.
I think that is a characteristic of ability.

For example, if a Sumo wrestler participates in other sports, he will win in a tug of war, but if he runs 100 meters, he will lose.

Because they are big and strong, they are slow to run.

When we are particularly strong in something, we are particularly weak in something.

Also, because big companies have many people, they can develop large-scale businesses, but in many cases, big companies are slow in decision-making and cannot easily change themselves when needed.
Big companies tend to lack speed and flexibility.

On the other hand, small and medium-sized enterprises cannot develop large-scale businesses due to the small number of people.
But instead, it is easy to take speedy and flexible actions.

Grass-type Pokemon is strong against water-type but weak against fire-type.
It is the same meaning as the
above example.

Thus, everything has strengths and weaknesses, and this fact is also true of the nature of people like HSP.

The point is that we have to pay attention to what kind of positioning people have, not whether they have good or bad abilities.

Because we have what we are good at, we also have what we are not good at.
And we have what we are not good at, so we also have what we are good at.

I see.
We usually have to throw something away to get something.

Yes, We have to pay when we buy something.

Ability is the relationship between the two sides of a coin, and strengths and weaknesses coexist.

So, I think it’s a waste to see only the weaknesses despite having good strengths.

And when you start to look at your strengths, you can forgive yourself little by little, you will like yourself, and eventually, you will start to think, “Well…, I don’t need to think about my weak point anymore”.


So, based on my own experience, I have described how to perceive the difficulty of living and how to accept it.

This content was quite sensitive, so it was difficult to give my opinion…

But I think it’s important to face these issues head-on!

As we saw in “Five stages of acceptance,” I think that you should positively consider the nature of HSP, assuming that you will eventually accept it.

In the process, you may feel angry or depressed.

However, “accepting” means that you also experience negative emotions in the process, so you should think that it is such a thing and don’t rush yourself too much and slowly go out with your nature without hurting yourself.

That’s right. Yup

So this article finished in here.

Thank you for reading! 😉


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