4 reasons why I who am a realist believe that there is a rebirth

“Previous life”


I think there are quite a few people who feel a sense of refusal just by hearing these spiritual words.

I used to be like that.

“There is no god, and when we die, it’s over. Nothing remains.”

I thought so strongly, and I thought that was the unwavering truth of this world.

Hmmm, but after all, there is a god, isn’t it? Many people believe it.

But some people can’t be saved even if they pray

Well, it’s hard to say that there is a god, but it’s hard to say that there isn’t …

Of course, I doesn’t make people foolish about the faith of others even if I don’t believe in God.

It’s personal freedom to believe or not.

As you see, I always thought that there was no spiritual thing, but recently the way of thinking has gradually changed, and now I can’t completely deny the spiritual thing.

Rather, there are many parts that I affirm about spirituality.

And one of the things I affirm is “rebirth“.

Currently, I think there is a rebirth.

I think there is a previous life.

So why do you think I believe rebirth now?

I would like to explain that from now on.

The fact that a system beyond human intelligence exists in this world

I’ve lived my life so far, and I think there are many things I don’t understand in this world.

It’s incomprehensible, but I think there is something amazing in this world that goes beyond human intelligence.

For example, I think the process by which humans are formed is the most amazing thing.

When sperm and eggs combine, brains, limbs, organs, eyes, ears, and humans are formed.

I think this is a very mysterious and incomprehensible system.

The following YouTube has a video that reproduces from fertilization to the appearance of a baby with CG, but it is mysterious no matter how many times I think about it.

Just by combining such a small sperm and an egg, the brain, heart, liver, and gastrointestinal tract are automatically created.

How does it work? Or rather, can humans make such a system?

Recently, humans have finally been able to create organs using iPS cells, but it is impossible to create a series of systems that create single human being.

The appearance of body parts being developed one after another from a single small fertilized egg is truly mysterious, and I think it is a system that only God can make.

If there is such a system that transcends human intelligence, I think it is not strange that there are various other systems that transcend human intelligence.

And I think that one of the systems that transcend human intelligence is the rebirth system.

I feel it is no wonder that there is a system in which the souls of dead people are collected once and then recycled again.

There are many things in this world that humans cannot understand.”

From the point of recognizing this fact, I began to believe in rebirth.

Does the child remember the mother’s womb?

This is a strange story, but there are quite a few children who have memories of when they were in their mother’s belly, so-called the memory in the womb.

Below is a video interview with a child who has the memory in the womb.

I feel they aren’t lying because young children are witnessing.

In addition, if you search for “the memory in the womb” on YouTube, you will see various videos of young children talking about the memory in the womb.

But why do they remember before they were born?

I have no memory of when I was 1 or 2 years old, and I have no memory of being in my mom’s belly.

I think it’s very strange to have the memory in the womb, but at the same time, in the latter half of this video, there is a story about a child who has an earlier memory than the memory in the womb.

It is the memory of the previous life.

It may be hard to believe, but I think that the memory in the womb is already hard to believe, and the memory in the womb cannot be completely denied.

Rebirth has been studied a lot

In addition to the above example, there seem to be many episodes that “I have a memory of the previous life.”

There are various rebirth episodes and research on various rebirths in the world.

it is a very serious study.

I think there are many books that have written research on rebirth, so if you are interested, I recommend you to check it out.

Believing in rebirth can lead a richer life

I also think that it is better to believe in rebirth because human beings can live happily if they believe in rebirth.

For example, there is an example that “when a person bereaved a loved one the person will be desperate, but when the person thinks that there is rebirth, his heart is lightened.”

It makes the person feel lighter when the person thinks that “I can meet my precious again”.

This is so-called spiritual care.

There is also a case of “when a person who wanted to die begins to think that there is rebirth, he no longer wants to die and came to be able to live a richer life.”

It seems that human beings can live their present life with a reason for living by thinking that life never ends.

If the “phenomenon” that believing in rebirth makes life more meaningful to me occurs, I think the “truth” of “whether or not life after death really exists” is not very important.


So far, I have explained the grounds for believing in rebirth.

To date, more than 2,600 cases of rebirth have been reported in 40 countries around the world.

I wonder if all of these cases are a lie, and even if 2599 is a lie, if one is true, then the rebirth is a fact.

Moreover, the scholars who have actually studied rebirth have a neutral and scientific attitude, and it seems that they have seriously studied rebirth.

When I heard that it was scientifically researched and many cases were actually reported, I felt that rebirth really exists.

Maybe. Also, when I say spiritual things like “rebirth”, I think it’s not good to be treated as a strange person.

Hmmm, but I also understand the feelings of people who can’t believe in spiritual things.
But I wonder if such a problem can be solved by science …

I can’t claim with 100% certainty, but I still think there is a rebirth.

We live in this mysterious world, and so many cases have been reported, and as a result of watching various videos, books, and articles on the Internet, I think that there is a rebirth.

And above all, I think that life will be enriched if you believe that there is a rebirth.

By believing in rebirth, you will feel a little new hope in your life.

And if you have that hope, you will be able to work harder in your current life with a sense of mission, and as a result, you will be able to live a more fruitful life.

That’s all about my talking of rebirth.

Thank you for reading! 😉


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