Mankind will perish if there is immortality. The world will be better because there are young people

The so-called immortality, which is said to be able to live forever without getting old forever.

This immortality is also dealt with in anime, movies, games, etc., so isn’t it a concept that everyone is familiar with?

When I was a kid, I thought immortal is so nice.

After all, I want to be youthful forever! I definitely want “eternal youth” rather than “eternal life”!

Hmmm, do you need immortality? There are many hard things in life, right? lol

Well, we may be able to do our best because we know there is an end.

I think there are various opinions, but I personally think that immortality is not necessary.

I also think that immortality is not necessary not only for individuals but also for humankind as a whole.

Rather, I even think that immortality is harmful to humankind.

So why do I think immortality is harmful to humankind?

My opinion may look good on paper, but I would like to explain the reason in detail below.

The number of people with old values will increase overwhelmingly

Obviously, if we become immortal, no one will die and everyone will be fine forever.

Normally, people born in 2000 should have retired from the forefront by 2070 or 2080.

However, even in 2100 or 2200, they are still alive and will try to stay in good positions.

In other words, it means that new people will not have opportunities, and I think that the system for older generations to do things will be maintained.

Since the change of generations does not proceed in this way, it will be difficult to change the old way, and it will be difficult to improve the old inefficiency and irrational things that have existed for a long time.

In such cases, it is usually one way for young people to unite and give their opinions to older generations, but if all are immortal, The number of people with old values overwhelmingly many.

No one dies, so as time goes on, there are far more people who have a hard head, who don’t want to change their way, and who want to maintain the status quo and benefit from it.

In that case, no matter how much the young people unite, there are overwhelmingly old people, so I think it will be extremely difficult for the minority of young people to improve the situation.

Ethnic minorities are currently being oppressed in China, and I think something like that will happen in a situation that everyone is immortal.

Also, I think that people who have lived a lot of time will develop pride, face as seniors in their lives, so I think that the probability of strange decision-making is higher than that of young people.

On a national scale, if there is some trouble with other countries, they who value face and pride may try to launch an armed attack while saying “I was insulted by that country!”.

I don’t think it’s good for old people to stay in a particular position in this way, so I think this is a serious detriment of immortality.

I used to say to a professor in a university laboratory, “I want to do this kind of research!”, But in the end, the professor just said, “It’s absolutely useless!”, and I wasn’t allowed to try new things…

Well, it would be nice if someone who understood me is in a high position, but in reality, that’s not the case

The role of young people is to destroy the old world

I think it’s a problem for old people to stay in a particular position all the time, and at the same time, I think the role of young people is also very important.

Young people do not yet have old values.

Not having old values means that they can see the world from a flatter perspective.

And when they look at the world from a flatter perspective, they will probably think, “What? Is this strange?”.

The question that young people felt was the inefficiency, irrationality, and unfairness that older generations had done, and if they could change that, it would be an environment that is more efficient, rational, and impartial.

Older generations have been doing it that way for many years, so it’s taken for granted to them, and they don’t have any doubts about it.

Also, even if they have doubts, it is troublesome to change the way they used to, so I think they often leave it as it is.

I don’t mean “the negligence of older generations!” or “they are bad!”. I think human beings are like that.

I think I’ll probably be that kind of person when I’m 50 or 60.

However, the world will not improve as it is. The world will not improve in an inefficient, irrational, and unfair environment.

I think that the people who can change these bad parts and improve the world are young people who have a flat perspective and also have energy.

Looking at the French Revolution, young people led the revolution, and they broke the old system and then formed a new world.

In Japan, the power of young people moved Japan during the Edo period, and they broke the old system, and then a new world was born.

Looking at these histories, I think it can be said that the role and mission of young people are to destroy the old world and build a better world.

Even if it is not a large-scale one like those historical examples, I think that the power of young people can be fully showed even in small companies, small communities in the area, etc.

If the weird traditions and customs of a group are improved, the improvement will eventually be good for the group, so I think that the youth’s candid questions and opinions should be listened to once.

If the inefficiency, irrationality to be unimproved, those will eventually become unacceptable to the new generation, and the group will eventually become obsolete from society.

In this way, the situation in the world is improving because there are young people, and I think that the present world is being shaped as a result of repeated improvements.

I see. Youth have a youth role.
We can be more confident in our youngness!

I think the reason why a genius breaks common sense and changes the world is that they try to push through what is new and necessary for the world


So far, I have explained why immortality is harmful to humankind.

I think that the world will not improve if the generation with old values always dominates the upper position, and the world will improve only if the younger generation with flatter values can show their power.

However, I think that it is different if the upper generation is completely unnecessary.

After all, they have more life experience than the younger generation, and I think it is undeniable that young people become out of control.

The point is that balance is important.
Therefore, I think that immortality, which causes the balance between the lower generation and the upper generation to be lost, is a big problem.

Listening to your talking, I think “eternal life” may not be necessary, but “eternal youth” is necessary …

But mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa are all young, right? I don’t think it’s healthy…

Well, even if immortality is achieved, rules will be created to force older generations to leave after a certain age, and in reality, I guess the problem of immortality can be dealt with well.

I can’t say anything about it now because it’s a future story, but I’m happy if I live for 80 years, and if I have to live a long life, I’d like to reborn and live again lol

By the way, my theory about rebirth is also posted below, so please take a look if you are interested.

It was my theory that immortality was unnecessary.

Thank you for your reading 😉


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