Keep in mind that what you do will come back to you in the future ^_^

As I’m sure I’ve written several times on this blog, what you do almost always comes back to you.

If you are rude to the people around you, it will come back to you in a bad way someday, somewhere.

If you are kind and gentle to those around you, it will come back to you in a positive way.

The world is a mirror.

“What? Once I throw away a cigarette on the side of the road, it won’t bounce back on me in a bad way, will it? You’ve seen too many folktales, you idiot.”

I may be told something like this, but that is a line from a self-proclaimed adult who has shrunken his or her perspective and can only see things from a short-term viewpoint.

The actions that people take are usually largely based on their previous habits.

Whether or not to extend a hand to an old lady who is trying to climb a hill with a heavy load is not randomly decided on the spot, but is determined based on the accumulation of past experiences, such as whether or not one has received plenty of parental love in the past, or whether or not one was told by teachers to actively help others when growing up.

An old man who is a frightened board member who threatens the people around him every day is not likely to give a helping hand to the old lady.

The accumulation of daily actions and habits determine a person’s future behavior.

So, as in the previous example, a person who has developed a bad habit of throwing cigarettes down the street will certainly not have bad things happen a week after throwing them away, but in the long run, that person with the bad habit will have many other bad behaviors that will eventually lead to a definite out, and I think that the consequences of such behavior will eventually come back to the person.

But really, if you think about your life in the long run, you should not do anything that would make your conscience bother you in your daily life.

Somewhere, your actions will come back to you. I don’t know if it will be 3 years from now or 10 years from now.

Recently, I went home to my parents’ house, and I keenly felt again that our actions will come back to us.

Watching my father and mother, I was shown exactly how life works.

I could clearly see that the consequences of their actions were all coming back to them.

I thought I wanted to learn from my father’s mistakes and emulate my mother.

So I thought that I had to live my life in a fair and honest manner on a daily basis.

No, “fair and honest” is a bit ostentatious.

I don’t mean to say that I should live a clean life.

Well, I think I’m a scumbag myself, so I can’t say to other people, “You have to live a morally upright life!”, but anyway, I think it is better to live your life thinking that what you do will come back to you in the future.

I am glad that this trip home has deepened my thinking about family.

I used to think that family had been important.

But that’s not the point.

What I value is someone who cares about me.

I think “family is important” was a bit too abstract.

I don’t know if my mom is particularly great or not, but her love is incredibly deep.

I learned even more about how much she cared about me, and I thought, “Love is going to save the world.

There is a Beatles’ song called “All You Need Is Love.

It is love that greatly changes a person.

I myself have received deep love from my mother, and it has really changed my way of thinking.

Now my dream is to make my mom happy.

I think I will definitely make her have a good dream.

But in the end, that is the result of all the things my mother has done for me.

If my dreams come true and I am able to make my mother see the dreams I have in mind for her, then that means that what she has done has been returned to her.

That’s how life works in the end.

If you want to build good relationships, be kind and helpful to others.

If you want to be treated badly, you have to be rude to them.

Well, I promised myself never to be like my father, haha.

So, well, I think life is very simple.

If you think you want to have a good relationship with someone, you should be nice and kind to him or her.

So, if I ever get married, I think I will share the housework and childcare as much as possible.

After all, I think that if you force the hardest part of a family on your partner alone, the unequal discontent will come back to you at some point.

It is also a calculating idea to minimize unconscionable acts on a daily basis for the sake of my own future security, but it would be nice if I can build a good family as a result.

I’m not going to tell you to live a clean, righteous, and beautiful life, which is so disgusting that it makes me want to vomit.

I’m just saying that you should keep in mind that what you do will come back to you in the future (both good and bad).

Oh, I just think you shouldn’t do good things on a daily basis expecting good things to come back to you in the future.

When you “expect” something like that, you will get pissed off and feel hard when the expectation doesn’t come true, and then you will get upset and say, “All the good things I do will end up being bad in the end, you stupid shit!”

Yeah, That was me, haha.

Well, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do good things.

It means don’t have expectations.

Expectations are the devil.

As a sensitive person, I strongly think it’s better not to expect anything in life.

Oh, I’ve been writing everything that comes to mind, and I don’t even know what I’m talking about anymore, haha.

Anyway, after returning home and deepening my thoughts about my family, I felt like writing a blog, so I wrote it.

Talented artists are by default in a messed up state of head, so forgive me ^_^


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