Material wealth and spiritual wealth

When I woke up in the morning and was watching the news on my phone in bed, I was awakened at once by an article about the death of a famous Japanese comedian.

Suicide was the cause.

Suicide of such a well-known celebrity is always a real surprise to me.

From the outside looking in, we naturally feel as if they were successful people, with wealth and fame, and their lives were smooth sailing.

But, when I look at the final outcome of their lives, which is suicide, I keenly feel that there is a tremendous gap between what we see from the outside and what they themselves feel.

They are good-looking celebrities, entertainers who bring smiles to the faces of those around them, highly regarded and respected by those around them, well-connected, and with enough money to afford luxuries.

Yet, when a person commits suicide, it means that he or she has suffered tremendously until such wealth and fame are no longer relevant.

I know a little bit about suicide because I have almost committed suicide myself, but suffering to the point of taking one’s own life is really hard, painful, sad, lonely, and agonizing.

It must be hard for anyone to believe that these so-called successful people with wealth and fame were experiencing such unimaginable suffering.

News like this makes me realize that wealth and fame have nothing to do with happiness.

Happiness is a state of mind.

If your heart feels “happy,” you are happy.

If your heart feels “disgusted,” “not happy,” or “tired,” then you are not happy.

That is all. The mechanism of happiness is very simple.

So, to put it extremely simply, even if you are a homeless person with no money at all, if you are grateful for being able to live everyday and feel a sense of happiness, then you are already happy.

So I believe it is much more important to have a heart that can feel happiness than to have wealth or fame.

In our lives, wealth can be divided into two major categories: material wealth and spiritual wealth.

I imagine that spiritual wealth is based on the foundation of material wealth.

In today’s Japanese society, where many people have no difficulties in their daily lives, I think “material wealth” has basically been achieved.

And if material wealth has been achieved, I think it is important to focus on the next level of spiritual wealth.

Even if we do not have any difficulties in living, even if the world is full of interesting services, if our hearts are poor, we will eventually suffer so much that our lives will pass away.

So, how can we obtain spiritual wealth? There are many ways to do this, and I think there are many things we need to look for on our own.

But if I could say one concrete thing based on my life experience, it would be that it is better to have a lot of hardships and to prepare an escape route.

I have probably gone through more hardships than most people of my generation, and I have faced many tough and unreasonable obstacles.

But in the process of overcoming those difficulties, I think I have matured one or two times as a human being.

In the process of overcoming these difficulties, I have come to understand the pain of others and have come to be close to their suffering with my heart.

For example, I am now deeply grateful and happy for my mother’s love, which I used to take for granted and feel rather annoyed about.

I now really appreciate even the things that I take for granted.

I feel that this is spiritual wealth, based on my own life experience.

Therefore, I have no desire to go back in time and start my life all over again as a student.

I have no desire to go back to the immature me of those days, when I took the favors of loved ones for granted and rejected them, when I was completely indifferent to other people’s pain, when all I cared about was myself. I don’t think so.

I have experienced many hardships, have come to understand the pain of others and the struggles of life, and now I can clearly see what is truly important to me.

Therefore, I am truly grateful for the hardships I endured back then.

Without them, I don’t think I would have the spiritual wealth I have now.

So, having lived such a life, my advice is that if you want to have a rich heart, you should go through a lot of hardship.

A 60-year-old man who went through a lot of hardships when he was young and is now sipping a cup of tea at home is probably happier in life than a student who spends all day watching Netflix.

In short, I think the amount of hardship is proportional to the amount of happiness.

At the same time, I think that hard work is meaningless if you end up taking your life because it is too hard, and that is why I think that hard work and preparing an escape route must be one set of two things.

For example, if a person is being harassed by a company for overtime work or power harassment, but does not have the option of quitting the company in his or her mind, his or her heart will be poisoned and eventually he or she will take his or her own life.

Therefore, in such a case, you should prepare an escape route for yourself, saying “I will quit the company in the end.”

So, it is better to have a lot of hardships in life, but at the same time, you should be able to stop them when you want to.

Well, this was my own introduction to the process of obtaining mental wealth, but I think there are many other approaches, such as studying psychology when it comes to the mind.

So, in the end, mental wealth or happiness is something you have to find on your own.

Happiness is a state of mind, so in the end, you need to experience something for yourself and actually move your mind yourself.

I, too, had heard phrases such as “Happiness is determined by the heart” and “What seems insignificant is actually really important” many times since I was a student.

But these phrases existed only as knowledge in my head.

They had not moved me at all.

And then, by actually experiencing various life experiences, my heart was finally moved and I was able to obtain a spiritual wealth.

When I saw the news about the celebrity suicides, I thought that the spiritual wealth is super important now and in the future, so I wrote down what I think.

I believe happiness is a normal thing.


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