5 things that I who was former super bullied want to convey to you who have been bullied.

I used to be bullied when I was a student.

When I was a junior high school student, the school was rough and I was being bullied by a bad group.

When I was a high school student, I was bullied by seniors, students of the same grade, and quite a lot of people.
So I cried in the classroom and escaped to the self-study room right next to the teacher’s room so that the bully couldn’t be bullied me during the break time.

The scars of bullying still remain on my body.

Looking back now, I think I was very bullied when I was a student.

However, now that I have graduated from school, I have nothing to do with bullying, and I’m alive while feeling casual joy.

The hard and painful times were not forever, and looking back now, I feel that I was living in a really narrow world.

Bullying is something that happens in a narrow world.

Because once you get out of that particular group, you won’t be bullied.

I graduated from high school where I was being bullied, then went on to college and then graduated, and met many good people.

Now that you are being bullied, you may feel painful, but that is not all of life.

Bullying happens in a narrow world, and if you jump out of it, you’ll find lots of fun things to do in the future.

In this article, I would like to think about bullying and how to deal with it.

I would like you to keep in mind that if you jump out of a narrow world, there are still a lot of fun things that you do not know in this world.

The claim that “the person who is bullied also has a cause” is wrong

There are some people who say that “the person who is bullied also has a cause”, but I think that is wrong.

The reasons for bullying are things like “being calm”, “being fat”, or “being sick”, and it doesn’t mean that the person being bullied did anything wrong.
They are usually bullied for unreasonable reasons.

Even if the character of the person being bullied is quiet, that is not a reason to bully.

For example, if your neighbors are rich, can I steal their money?

I think it is wrong to blame the victim for saying “the person who was done XXX has a cause”.

The bad one is completely those who did bad things for unreasonable reasons.

Therefore, I think that people who say that “the person who is bullied also has a cause” are “they are such a person who doesn’t have compassion for those who are in a weak position”, so you should ignore them.

You who are bullied don’t need to listen to the words of “a person who doesn’t have compassion for those who are in a weak position”.

First of all, I would like you to firmly recognize this.

you are not bad at all“.

I ended the bullying

In a situation where the person is being bullied may think that “How long will this situation continue?”, “When will it stop?” so I think that the endless situation is going to make you suffer more and more.

In such a situation, I have an experience that I dramatically improve the terrible situation by picking up courage.

The bullying did not continue forever.

Just as things have beginnings and ends, entrances, and exits, there is also exits in bullying.

So, I would like to take a look at how to get to the exit as soon as possible, based on my experience.

If you have a little courage, I think you can end the bullying.

Specific solution to bullying

Consult with parents

By telling my parents that I was being bullied, the situation of bullying improved at a stretch.

After I told my parents about bullying, my father seemed to get angry and went to school. After that, I had an opportunity to talk with my teacher and bully and received an apology from the bully.

And in fact, the bullying from that person is gone.

Although I felt the cold eyes of the bully after that, I was able to get rid of direct physical violence and verbal violence, and it became a much more peaceful life than before.

I was afraid of revenge after confessing bullying, but it never happened.

I think that bullies also have a conscience.

Since the bully is just a human being, I think that even after the bully apologized, he wouldn’t want to bully the person who had been bullying without good reason.

Besides, there was my father who knew about the bullying, so I guess the bully was scared about my father would also come to the bully’s house like my father got angry and came to school.

So it might be a good idea to talk to your teacher, but I think it’s more effective to talk to your parents.

Parents desperately help their children always, and some schools are reluctant to solve bullying, so I think you should rely on your parents at first.

Parents want to help their children, so when you are in trouble, you can count on them.

I also needed the courage to confess bullying to my parents, but now I think it was good to talk about bullying to my parents.

Thanks to that, bullying did not escalate afterwards, so my body was never further hurt and nothing serious happened.

now I live my life without being related to bullying.

Change school

Also, if you are afraid of the revenge of bullying, I think changing schools is another effective option.

For example, if you are a high school student, I think that one option is to enter correspondence high school.

Instead of going to school, you study at home.

Even in correspondence high schools, you can get the same graduation qualifications as full-time schools, and you will not be bullied because you don’t go to school.

I think you don’t have to go to school by forcing yourself.

I didn’t change school because of bullying, but I think I didn’t necessarily have to go to school in that case because I had escaped to the self-study room during breaks.

Call for bullying counseling

If you can’t talk about bullying to someone close to you, you can talk to someone about it on the phone.

I think maybe each country has a bullying consultation counter by using a phone.

Even if you have been in trouble for a long time, the problem still cannot be solved.

However, if you dare to call such a place once, the counselor will get a consultation, and you may get specific advice or specific action, and then the situation will begin to move, Bullying may be resolved soon.

So, I think it’s important to take action for whatever you want.

I think it’s a great deal if things get better with just one phone call.

Sharing the current situation with others rather than holding it alone will bring you closer to the solution, and above all, it will be mentally easier.

There is nothing wrong with you, I want you to be supported by various people.

Why bullying happens

I would like to think about why bullying occurs in the first place.

I think that the main reason is that there is an environment where bullying easily occurs.

In my case, for example, I haven’t been bullied since the beginning of college life.

The environment changed from high school to university, and the people I met changed.

The people I met were all good people.

I think this is because the environment has become open and fluid.

For example, in college, you will never be in the same classroom with the same student for two years or three.

We are free to sit in any seat, the class ends in half a year, and everyone will disbands.

People are fluid.

On the other hand, in junior high school and high school, people with fixed seats are always in the same space.

People are fixed.

And if the same student spends much time in the same classroom in a small space, I think that bullying will gradually occur.

For example, there is a famous experiment called “Stanford Prison Experiment“.

This experiment divides ordinary people into a prisoner role and a guard role and then observes each action, but the guard role begins to abuse the prisoner role in the middle.

And the guard eventually escalated so much, and the experiment had to be discontinued much earlier than planned.

The guards were ordinary people with no physical and mental abnormalities.

Even such ordinary people will start to bully others if they spend such a closed environment.

In other words, the university is open and the people are fluid, but in junior high school and high school the people are fixed and the environment is closed, and I think this difference in the environment has a great influence on the occurrence of bullying

And unfortunately, I think it’s a reality that a human bully a human as long as they are in such a closed environment.

But it is also true that bullying is a bad thing.

And I say it again, you’re not bad.

Being in a bully-prone environment is a major cause of bullying, and it doesn’t mean that you have any cause or problem.

I want you to recognize it strongly.


Based on my actual experience of bullying, we have seen bullying so far.
And last but not least, I have something to say.

That means lots of fun things you don’t know yet are waiting for you.

There is essentially no good reason to be messed up your life with a bully.

You can think of it as “a person who should be messed up life is a bully!”

You are nothing wrong

So don’t hesitate.

When you putt out SOS, let’s put out SOS to the fullest.

I want you to get out of the narrow world of bullying, and then go into a wider world in your life to experience a lot of fun.

The above is the message that I who was a former bullied child, want to convey to you.

Also, if you have any questions or suggestions for me, please feel free to send me an email using the button below.


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