Negative thinking is fine! Negative is sometimes good

Negative thinking is generally considered bad.

Certainly, the positive state is more fun than the negative state, and the world is full of positive works and stories.

But basically, I who am a negative thinker don’t necessarily think that negative thoughts are bad.

Sometimes it’s important to have negative thoughts.

You don’t have to force yourself to fix your negative thoughts!

…Is that so? I have a bad image of negative thinking, so it doesn’t come to my mind at all.

Yup. I think it’s “best” to be positive

On the contrary, there are cases where positive thinking causes harmful effects.

So, I would like to talk about why negative thinking doesn’t have to be forcibly overcome.

Can make a good plan

People with negative thoughts are negative in their thinking, so risks naturally come to their minds.

But that would be a pretty important quality for planners.

Because in order to make a plan and make it successful, you have to think about the risks in advance.

For example, when planning a mountain climb, If you prepare for various risks like “it gets cold near the summit, so we bring warm clothes, and we will walk on a dark road, so we bring headlamp, etc…”, you will definitely have a higher probability of succeeding in the plan compare with you climb without assuming any risk like “Well, it’s okay!”.

Well, playing it by ear usually doesn’t work well.

In the first place, when you say “Well, it’s okay!” and do nothing, it can no longer be called a plan lol

The person who makes the plan must be able to anticipate the risk properly, so it can be said that the person who makes the plan is better suited to the person who thinks negatively than the person who thinks positively.

For example, in the Pacific War, when Japan had a war with the United States in the past, the people who made plans on the Japanese side were all positive thinkers, and they thought, “The US military can be easily defeated!

However, the plans made by such people do not consider any risks, there were only the worst plans based on the mental theory that “you can do it!”, so many people died by under the sloppy plan.

It seems that the upper management of the Japanese army optimistically said as follows “Even if we meet the US military, if you shoot a few guns at the sky, they run away as fast as they can.”

It’s not optimistic or positive, I feel it just silly……

When a person who is devoted to positive thinking makes a plan, there is a high probability that the plan will fail and in some cases be disastrous.

I basically think that the people who make plans are suitable for negative people, and the people who carry out plans are suitable for positive people.

At the stage of making a plan, we use negative thinking to identify various risks and make a plan, and when it comes to the stage of executing the plan, I think it will be easier to reach good results by executing the plan positively.

Therefore, it cannot always be said that “negative = evil” and “positive = good”.

It depends on time and situation.

Can recognize reality properly

I think people with negative thoughts can recognize reality well.

For example, they will be able to recognize things that are inconvenient for them and can improve that.

I feel that people with positive thoughts are more likely than people with negative thoughts to look away from things that are inconvenient to them.

It may be because positive people always want to stay positive and are trying to eliminate the negative elements from themselves.

For example, there was a British politician called Winston Churchill.

This person was suffering from the symptoms of depression and was a negative thinking type of person.

However, because this person has negative thoughts, he was able to recognize the reality firmly.

Churchill was screaming for Hitler’s threat from an early stage.

I mean British politicians at the time were optimistic about Hitler in Germany and were not able to correctly recognize Hitler’s threat.

As a result, Germany steadily expanded its national power, and broke promises with neighboring countries, and caused World War II.

Later, the British Prime Minister resigned, Churchill became Prime Minister and protected Britain from the onslaught of Germany, and as a result, he is still called a hero by the British people.

As described, people with negative thoughts can face harsh facts and recognize the reality correctly, so the possibility they can overcome crisis increases.

I’ve heard that negative people have a different perspective compared to normal people because they often have suspicions.
I think Churchill’s example is exactly that.

I was surprised that Churchill was suffering from the symptoms of depression.
Because I had the image of a leader with an unwavering strong will.

Here, I would like to introduce one interesting theory called “Depressive realism.”

Depressive realism is the theory that “depressed people are the ones who correctly recognize reality compared to normal people“.

It seems that positive people distort reality and interpret it.

For example, people die, but if people face the horrifying reality of death, people will be overwhelmed by the fear of death.
so it seems that people escape from the reality of death to some extent.

It seems that ordinary people continue to have happy delusions.

On the other hand, depressed people are unable to accept happy delusions and face the harsh reality of this world, so they seem to be difficult to live.

In other words, it seems that it is the negative people who correctly recognize this world, and the positive people distort reality into a slightly happy one.

From these things, I think that people with negative thoughts are people who can firmly recognize and can deal with reality.

It is hard to make mistakes

People with negative thoughts are sensitive to risk, so they are naturally cautious and less likely to make mistakes.

When I who am a negative thinker am working, I often wonder, “Is this really okay?”

This makes me so cautious that, as a result, I’m less likely to make mistakes naturally.

But I’m a little dissatisfied because even if I didn’t make a mistake, it would be rarely evaluated.

I want to be praised because no mistakes have occurred, but the fact that I didn’t make any mistakes would be treated as a matter of course.

So, even if I’m careful and prevent mistakes, I personally think that it’s a little sad that it isn’t evaluated very much.

Negative people usually feel happier when they are praised even for a little bit, so I would like them to be praised without taking it for granted.

As a negative representative, I want to say it out loud.

The hardships of negative people are transmitted


From the above, I don’t think it is necessary to force negative thinking to overcome it.

Rather, there are positions and jobs that are suitable for people with negative thoughts, and there are situations where people with negative thoughts can show their strengths.

Negative thinking and positive thinking are the nature of the person, and there is no right answer as to which is better or worse.

It depends on the time and the case.

It can be said that society operates by dividing the roles of positive people and negative people.

There is nothing in the world that is useless!

However, if it is too negative and difficult enough to interfere with your daily life, you will need to correct your negative thoughts.

Everything has limits, and only when it’s in moderation negative you will be able to show your power properly.

Positive is good.

Negative is also good.

Thank you for reading! 🙂


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