It’s okay to think negatively! Sometimes negativity can be a good thing

Negative thinking is generally considered to be a bad thing.

It is true that a positive state is more fun than a negative one, and the world is full of positive works and stories.

But I’m basically a negative thinker, and I don’t necessarily think that negative thinking is bad.

In fact, sometimes it is important to have negative thoughts!

……Is that so? I only have a bad image of negative thinking in my mind, so I don’t understand your point at all.

Yeah. I think it’s best to stay positive, though

In other words, there are cases where positive thinking can cause harm.

We need both negative and positive thoughts in this world!

So, I’d like to talk about the power of negative thinking now.

In this article, I would like to tell you that negativity is not necessarily a bad thing.

Negative people can make a proper plan

People who think negatively have a backward way of thinking, so risks naturally spring up in their minds.

They are driven by anxiety more than anyone else: “Is it safe to do this…?” or “Is there anything else I need to do…?

However, focusing on risk in such a way can be quite an important quality for a planner.

This is because in order to make a plan and make it work, we have to consider the risks well in advance.

For example, when you plan to climb a mountain, if you climb without assuming any risks, or if you carefully prepare for various risks by bringing warm clothes and a headlamp, the latter will surely give you a higher chance of success.

Well, haphazard plans don’t always work out

In the first place, it can’t be called a plan if it’s haphazard lol

A person who makes plans must be able to properly assume risks, and therefore, a person who makes plans is more suited to be a negative thinker than a positive one.

For example, in the Pacific War, when Japan went to war with the U.S., the Japanese planners were all positive thinkers, and they thought, “We can easily defeat the American army!”

However, the plans made by such optimistic people did not consider the risks at all, and Japan suffered many deaths under their mentalism and crazy plans.

It seems that the optimistic upper echelons of the Japanese military were saying, “Even if we meet American troops, if we point our guns at the sky and fire a few shots, they will run away at once.

……I don’t think it’s optimism, I think it’s just stupidity.

If a person with such strong positive thinking makes a plan, the probability that the plan will fail and result in a disastrous situation will be high.

I basically think that negative people are better suited to make plans and positive people are better suited to execute them.

In the planning stage, we use negative thinking to identify various risks and develop the plan, and when it comes to the execution stage, the people executing the plan do not think negatively, but believe in themselves and execute the plan positively, which will increase the probability of good results.

So I can’t necessarily say that “positive = good” or “negative = bad”.

It depends on the time, the situation, and the position.

Negative people are able to perceive reality head-on

Negative thinkers tend to think steadily, so they perceive reality squarely and firmly.

I think that people who think negatively are more likely to improve their problems than people who think positively, because they are more aware of what is not good for them.

I feel that positive thinkers have a higher tendency than negative thinkers to look away from things that are not good for them.

This may be because positive people always want to be positive and try to eliminate negativity from their lives.

For example, there is a British politician named Winston Churchill.

He was suffering from depression and was a negative thinking type of person.

But because of his negative thinking, he was able to perceive reality clearly.

Early on, Churchill advocated the threat of Hitler.

British politicians at the time had an optimistic attitude toward Hitler and did not correctly perceive his threat.

While the politicians of other countries remained quiet, Germany continued to expand its power by breaking its promises to neighboring countries and stealing other countries’ territories, which eventually led to World War II.

The then British Prime Minister resigned, and Churchill became Prime Minister, defending Britain from the German onslaught, and as a result, he is still regarded as a hero by the British people today.

Thus, people with negative thinking are more likely to be able to deal with crises correctly because they are able to face and correctly recognize harsh realities.

I’ve heard that negative people often have a different point of view from others because they have doubts, and I guess Churchill’s example is just like that.

I had an image of Churchill as a leader with an unshakably strong will, so I was surprised to learn that he suffered from depression.

Here I would like to introduce one interesting theory called “depressive realism”.

Depressive realism is the theory that depressed people are the ones who have an accurate perception of reality.

It seems that positive people are more likely to have a distorted interpretation of reality.

For example, people die, but if they face the horrible reality of death, it becomes difficult to live because of the fear of death, so it is said that people escape reality from death to some extent.

Thus, it seems that people in general are in a state of constant happy delusion.

On the other hand, it seems that depressed people have a hard time living because they can’t accept their happy delusions and face the harsh reality of this world as it is.

In other words, it is actually the negative people who perceive the world correctly, while the positive people live happily by interpreting reality in a slightly distorted way.

It’s interesting, isn’t it?

Of course, if distorting and interpreting reality makes our lives easier, that’s fine.

But at the same time, I think that negative thinkers, whether good or bad, are the type of people who can perceive reality more properly than positive thinkers.

Well, I guess it’s hard for all of us negative thinkers…

Less likely to make mistakes on a regular basis

Negative thinkers are sensitive to risk and will naturally be more cautious and less likely to make mistakes.

I’m a negative thinker, but when I’m working, anxiety often crosses my mind.

In my case, I am in charge of operating a system with hundreds of millions of data in my daily work, and I try to be very careful when I do this work because even the slightest mistake could result in a major accident.

I am driven by a certain amount of strong anxiety when I do this work, so I check over and over again for any omissions in the process.

So, it has been two years since I was assigned this job, and I have been able to continue working without making a single mistake in this job.

As a result, the probability of making a mistake will naturally be much lower.

Yeah, it’s hard, though.

I feel anxiety and other stresses more than others.

I can feel the unseen struggles of negative people


So far, I have explained the positive aspects of negative thinking.

I hope I was able to convey to you that negativity is not necessarily a bad thing.

Rather, there are positions and jobs that are more suitable for negative thinkers, and there are situations where negative thinkers can be more effective than positive thinkers.

Negative thinking and positive thinking are both part of a person’s nature, and there is no absolute right answer as to which is better or worse.

It depends on the situation.

I think we could say that society is driven by the division of roles between positive and negative people.

I think nothing in this world is ever useless!

However, if you are too negative and it is so hard that it interferes with your daily life, you will need to correct your negative thinking.

Only if you are negative in moderation will you be able to demonstrate your power appropriately.

I used to be so negative that it interfered with my daily life, so I think it’s too hard to be too negative.

In addition, in the past, I was too positive and could only think optimistically like the Japanese army used to do, and in the end I couldn’t achieve the goals I wanted to achieve at all, so I think that’s a big problem too.

Now that I think about it, I’ve experienced both positive and negative thinking in extreme ways.

I still think that being too positive or too negative is a problem.

At any rate, I think we need both positive and negative in the world in a balanced way.

I’m going to keep trying to tell people in a positive way that negative thinking isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

So, thank you for reading this far! 🙂 😉 🙂


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