The tendency that “a person who has never had a girlfriend before is creepy” is creepy!

Today, June 15th, I turned 29.

I want to make the most of my last year in my twenties!

At the same time, the number of years without a girlfriend has entered its 29th year.

Yes, I’ve never had a girlfriend before.

I have lived my whole life with no connection to women.

Approaching women I’m interested in doesn’t work, confessing my feelings to them and no one says yes, starting a dating app doesn’t work at all in the end, and now I’ve completely lost confidence in myself.

I’m a shy and reserved type of person, but I’ve been failing for a long time, and I don’t have the energy to act anymore, and honestly, there’s nothing I can do about it now.

I see…… I thought you were someone who wasn’t really interested in that kind of thing…

I was really lonely and sad for a while, and it was pretty hard on me mentally.

As you can see, I have no experience in love at all, but I also feel inferior about that.

When I tell people that I have never been in love, they look at me suspiciously like, “What?”

I get the vibe that there’s something humanly wrong with me.

In fact, my friends made fun of me a lot when I was a student, and even the ladies at my part-time job laughed at me for never having had a girlfriend.

So when they find out that I’ve never had a girlfriend before, I feel like they’re denying my personality.

I feel sad, embarrassed, and shameful when I think that I am a useless person who cannot do things that everyone else can do normally.

However, recently I’ve been thinking that the tendency that “a person who has never had a girlfriend before is creepy” is more creepy.

I think it’s completely freaky.

Now, I would like to discuss my thoughts in detail below.

It’s not all about whether you have a girlfriend or not, asshole!

“If you have a girlfriend, you’re great.” It’s just an imposition of values

Is it great to have a girlfriend in the first place?

And if you don’t have a girlfriend, are you inferior?

What are the criteria for superiority and inferiority?

Is having a girlfriend the absolute right answer?

No, “a person who has a girlfriend is great” is not an absolute right answer, and we can’t put a definite standard of superiority or inferiority on it.

The opinion that “people with girlfriends are great” is not an absolute standard, like “it is wrong to kill people” or “it is wrong to steal things,” but simply reflects a person’s preference, like “I like vanilla ice cream” or “I like chocolate ice cream.”

So “people who have girlfriends are great” or “people who have never had girlfriends are gross” are just excuses to look down on others and make them feel good, or just to impose their values.

My mother used to tell me, “Don’t read the book all the time, go outside and play once in a while!”
To be honest, I thought it was very annoying that my mother, who had the value that physical exercise was important, forced that value on me lol

If you’re not bothering anyone, I think you should be able to do whatever you want.
But it’s annoying when people impose their incomprehensible values on you

The imposition of values is depressing, and we all think that “leave me alone!”

The line “a person who has a girlfriend is great” is really an imposition of values, and in essence, it’s like a fly on your food.

If the person who teases you by saying, “Guys who don’t have a girlfriend are creepy~,” is short, you can say, “Short people are uncool~”

If the person who makes fun of you for not having a girlfriend has a low income, you can say, “Guys with low incomes are uncool~”

If they impose their insignificant values on you, you should impose your insignificant values back on them.

And let them realize how foolish they are being.

People who say “a person who has never had a girlfriend before is creepy” are narrow-minded

People who think that “a person who has no girlfriend is creepy” have a very narrow perspective, and I think they should experience not only love but also many other things.

People have both strengths and weaknesses, and not everyone is good at love.

I’m also a very reserved person, and my personality is shy and introverted.

I’m not bright at all, and people often say they don’t really know what I’m thinking.

I’m shy and introverted, but I have many skills that bright and sociable people don’t have, such as the ability to make music, write poetry, draw pictures, write sentences, come up with unique ideas, have sharp intuition, and have a high level of imagination and empathy.

In other words, people who deny a person’s personality by saying, “a person who has no girlfriend is creepy” are only looking at one aspect of that person.

Whether you have a girlfriend or not is only a small part of what makes up a person.

Even if you don’t have a girlfriend, you have many other good points.

Everyone has a number of strengths.

So to think as if having a girlfriend is all that matters to a person is honestly a very narrow-minded way of thinking.

I think they are much more creepy with their incomprehensible idea that “a person who has no girlfriend is creepy.”

Their attitude of only looking at what the person can’t do and not seeing the other good things that the person has can only be described as narrow-minded.

I really hope they will read my blog and gain a better understanding of “diversity“! lol

The number of people who have never had a girlfriend before is increasing rapidly

The number of people who have never had a girlfriend before seems to be increasing every year.

According to the latest survey, the percentage of men in their late 20s in Japan who have never had a girlfriend before is over 30%.

I think it is becoming normal in our society to have such a large percentage of people who have never had a girlfriend before.

That’s because, unlike in the past, today we have smartphones and various forms of entertainment and services available to us even when we are alone, so I think we live in a society where we feel much less lonely and bored than in the past.

Therefore, I don’t think it’s particularly surprising that there are many people who only make love for the sake of marriage, because I think we live in a world now where people can enjoy their lives without having a girlfriend.

The internet is flooded with pornography, and the sex industry is quite extensive in Japan, so you don’t necessarily have to have a girlfriend to enjoy eroticism.

There is also the issue of declining birth rate, but that is something that the government should consider as a policy, so we should just enjoy our lives as we see fit.

It is enough for us, the general public, to live a normal life according to the rules, and how to make those rules and run the country is something for the government to think about, not for us, the general public.

We should play games if we want to play games, work if we want to work, watch movies if we want to watch movies, and enjoy our lives the way we want to 😉

I don’t think you need to try to force yourself to conform to the world’s standards if there are other things you want to do!

Does the divorce rate go up as the number of people having sex goes up?

Also, studies have shown that the more people you have ever had sex with, the higher your divorce rate will be.

It’s true that people who have had a lot of sex tend to look at a lot of different women even after marriage, and I wonder if their marriages are more likely to break down due to their flamboyant activities with women than people who have had less sex.

So, in the long run, a person who has never had a girlfriend before may have a happier married life in the future.

I feel like I’m telling myself in a positive way when I write this lol

Do women actually have a better impression of you than you think?

To begin with, I think people who make fun of a person who has never had a girlfriend before are usually men.

But what do women actually think about it?

I’ve looked at a lot of different opinions and it seems that there are quite a few women who have a good impression of a person who has never had a girlfriend before.

Of course, there were some women who said that “I don’t like a person who has never had a girlfriend before”, but there were far more who said that “I don’t mind” or “It’s good that such a person seems single-minded.”

In fact, there are many more women who prefer a sincere and serious-looking person to a flirtatious one♪

Therefore, I think that the fact that you have never had a girlfriend before will work as an advantage in some situations.

Maybe there is no need to be so pessimistic.



So far, I’ve written a lot about what I think, as someone who has never had a girlfriend.

However, being alone all the time makes me feel lonely at times.

I sometimes feel an irresistible longing to touch the skin of the person I love and feel her warmth.

I sometimes get irresistibly horny because I want to be naked and close to the person I love and be entangled with her thickly.

I sometimes get irresistibly horny because I want to be naked and close to the person I love and spend intense time with her.

However, I think that happiness is not something that can be obtained easily, and that the more difficult the process of obtaining happiness is, the greater the happiness I will have when I do obtain it, so I’d like to spend my 29th year without being so pessimistic, that’s what I’m thinking now.

Well, I’m hoping to meet a good woman in the next five or six years and get married and start a modest family, but if that’s not possible, I’ll do my best in the next life lol

You’re not in a hurry at all

It used to be really hard, but I’ve gotten used to it now.
And there’s no point in getting impatient.
It’s just fate.

Well, I think that finding a girlfriend or getting married is not everything in life, so take your time and don’t rush into finding the right person!

So, if you’re in a similar situation, let’s work together to find happiness.

Good luck to all those who have never had a girlfriend before.


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