The result of six years of working at a job I wanted to quit and was totally unsuited for

“I’m not cut out for this job……”

“It’s a waste of time to do something I’m not suited to do.”

It is painful to do what you are not suited to do, and there is a great nod to the opinion that it is much more productive to do what you are suited to do.

I am currently working in IT.

I graduated from an IT company and have been working in the IT industry for about 6 years now.

However, I am a very liberal arts type of person by nature, and the IT industry, which is a science field, was my weak point.

Why did you enter an industry that you were not suited for?

At the time, I didn’t think I was suited for the IT industry at all, in fact, I was thinking positively that it would be fun to make apps.
But then I gradually realized that I was not suited for the IT industry at all….

In the midst of all this, I spent six years doing something I was not suited for at all, and now I am glad that I did something I was not suited for.

After six years of working in a job I was not suited for and wanted to quit, I believe my value has increased.

That said, it was certainly tough, and I think the majority of people in the world argue that it’s better not to do something you’re not suited for.

Basically, I agree, but I don’t think that’s necessarily true.

I would like to explain in detail why I think so, including my own experience.

You can do what you’re not cut out for if you keep at it

Rome was not built in a day.”

Even if you are not good at something, if you keep doing it, you will be able to do it before you know it.

That’s exactly what happened to me.

I was an artistic person, and I didn’t think logically, I just lived by my senses.

I had never used my brain to think things through properly at all.

When I started working for an IT company, I had to think logically in order to do my job, and of course I couldn’t do that at all, so I really struggled a lot.

And I worked like this, and I was literally ridiculously useless.

“I think and think, but I don’t understand.”
“When I try to communicate with others, my mind is a mess and what I say gets jumbled up.”
“When I was being explained my work, I didn’t know if I understood it or not, and in the end I didn’t.”

However, I still kept working all the time, and before I knew it, I was suddenly able to do it.


It was just about five years after I started working in the IT industry that I noticed something strange about myself.

Before I knew it, my comprehension was better than before, I was able to communicate things more clearly to others, and I was able to think more logically than before.

There is a “learning curve,” where students often start learning and don’t improve as much as they would like for a while, but then one day, their academic performance suddenly increases.

Oh, I see.
So it’s not like our academic performance is going to increase at a constant pace.

Even as a 100% purely artistic person, I had somehow developed the ability to think logically.

And now I have some confidence in using my mind to think.

It took me a total of six years from the time I started working in the IT industry until I started to feel a little more confident in myself.

However, in my case, it took me about six years to be able to do something logical because I was really an artistic person, but I think normal people would be able to do things they can’t do much faster.

Even though I was a complete dropout, I was able to make it this far, and now I am convinced that even if you are not suited for something, you will eventually be able to do it if you continue.

The fact that I was able to acquire a certain level of logical ability, when I had no logical ability at all, is an amazing thing that can encourage a lot of people who want to challenge something in the future.

Even if you have abilities that you don’t have at all, you will be able to do them one day if you keep trying!

Broaden your skills

If you do only what you are good at, the only thing you can do is what you are good at.

However, if you become able to do something you are not good at, it will result in broadening your skillset.

The more you can do, the more choices you will have in life.

Of course, it is also possible to concentrate on what you are good at and develop your skills, and it is also possible to eliminate what you are not good at and increase what you can do.

Also, if you have had the experience of turning your weaknesses into strengths, I think you will be more likely to be willing to take on challenges in areas where you are not so confident.

If you are able to take action on various things, I think your skills will expand.

In my opinion, there is no harm in having a variety of weapons.

Really, you never know what will be useful in the future.

Well, even in baseball, a player who can defend any position is very useful

I think people who can do almost anything, even if they are not outstanding at one thing, are also valued by others.

Gain confidence that there is nothing you can’t do

If you become able to do something you are not suited for, you will gain confidence in yourself.

I was really, really bad at thinking logically, and I never dreamed that I would be able to do it, so after that, confidence grew in me that I could do anything if I tried.

The more you are not good at something, the more confidence you will gain when you overcome it.

And that confidence will give you a big boost when you overcome various obstacles in your life.

I think this has helped me to think positively when I take on challenges.

What you’re good at, you’ll be even better at

If you become able to do something you’re not cut out for, I think you’ll be able to use it in something you’re good at.

For example, I make music and write blogs, and now that I have acquired the ability to think logically, when I can’t make good music or write a good blog, now I can think logically about how I can make it better and find ways to improve it.

As a result, I am becoming even more accurate in my areas of expertise.

For example, even if you are good at batting and not good at defense, if you gradually become good at defense and make good plays on defense, it can easily have a positive impact on your batting.

I believe that if you become able to do what you couldn’t do, you will be able to do more in your area of expertise in some way.

In life, you never know when and how the dots will become lines.

It’s true that after you make a good defensive play, you feel good, and the next time you’re the hitter, your concentration is sharpened

I guess when there’s more than one thing you can do, they tend to influence each other to produce better results!

In this way, if you gradually become able to do things in areas that you are not suited for, you will likely be able to make even more use of your strengths, and I believe that you will be able to become a unique individual who can demonstrate your abilities in a different approach than those who only focus on their strengths.

But if it’s too hard, it’s better to quit without trying

I’ve written a lot of things like this, but I believe that if you’re having such a hard time that your heart is about to break, you should stop trying and do something else.

This is because I once experienced depression in the past, and it was incredibly painful, so I don’t think you need to work hard until your heart breaks.

If your motivation is “I’ll do my best to keep going even if it’s not suited for me!!“, I think it’s ok, but If your motivation is “I’ll do my best to keep going even if it’s not suited for me……” and your heart is about to break, I think you should quit it immediately.

If you still want to work hard, I won’t stop you, but I am sure that you can find a job that suits you elsewhere, as there are many different jobs out there.

Is it really necessary to break your body and heart to work hard? I don’t think so at all.

That’s right…
There is no point if the result is that you can no longer do anything……

I think you should try to do what you can do as long as you don’t push yourself too hard.


So far, I have expressed my opinion, which is different from the majority of the world.

That said, I certainly believe that we should basically do what we are good at.

I think you will make a better income if you work at what you are good at, and most importantly, you will enjoy your work.

However, from my experience, I don’t think it’s necessarily better not to do something you’re not suited for.

I kept doing things I wasn’t suited for, and the benefits of becoming able to do things I wasn’t suited for were great.

I feel that what I used to be bad at has now become my great weapon.

Logical skills are also useful in writing blogs like this one.

I don’t think it’s a waste of time to do something you’re not suited for.

You never know where the abilities you have will become effective weapons in your life.

So my point is that it is better to do what you are good at, if possible, but that is not always the case, and there are opportunities that open up by doing what you are not suited for.

Yeah, so if you’re going to get a job and you keep wondering if it’s the right job for you or not, just take the plunge!

Well, even if it wasn’t the right choice, the experience wouldn’t have been a waste

Human beings are designed to grow.
I believe that we gradually become people who are closer to the environment we are placed in.

In today’s fast-changing world, it is better to have many weapons of your own.

If you’re shying away before trying something, why not take the plunge?

You might learn some unexpected skills.

So, I’ve talked about my thoughts with my experiences so far.

Thank you for reading! 😉


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