It’s not just about pay raises! 4 reasons why your company should put all its efforts into building a personnel evaluation system

If you are a member of a company, you will probably get a raise about once a year in all of them.

It is true that for employees, a raise in salary is very important because it directly affects their living conditions.

But is it really enough for a company to simply raise the salaries of its employees?

I think it is a bit of a waste to operate a personnel evaluation system for the purpose of raising employee salaries, and I think that the system should be operated for the purpose of improving the company’s performance.

Therefore, I think that having only one evaluation period per year is not appropriate, and I think that four evaluations per year is a reasonable frequency.

I understand that a third of American companies now quit conducting annual personnel reviews.

Oh, so it’s a recent trend to do multiple personnel assessments in a year?

It’s a strange feeling, since I’ve always been assessed once a year. Well, I’ll be happy if I get more chances to increase my salary lol

Well, to begin with, employees only have a labor contract with the company, and depending on the nature of the contract, generally speaking, employees should be essentially good enough if they provide the company with their labor power within the allotted time.

However, I think that the quality of labor will be different if you simply make them work for 8 hours, or if you make them work for 8 hours with motivation and ambition.

I think that a very important role of management is to devise ways to turn workers’ working hours into efficient and productive hours.

Instead of relying on the goodwill of employees, I think you need to think about how you can move people more productively as a company.

So, in this article, I’d like to talk about what I think a company should look like, and what a personnel evaluation system should be!

The most important thing for a company is to figure out how to move people around

Of course, it is people who make up a company.

People come together to form a company.

Therefore, it can be said that the performance of a company depends on how its people move.

I have been working as a company employee for six and a half years, and I have come to think that in the end, the most important thing about a company is how it moves its people.

As the number of people increases, so does the number of different types of people, and each person has different skills and motivation.

Some people are good at their jobs, some people are not so good at their jobs, some people want to get ahead, some people don’t want to do their jobs, some people are angry, some people are weak-minded, and the company is made up of all these different types of people.

And when many different people gather in one space, inefficient problems tend to occur.

There are times when people around you don’t work the way you want them to, when they say unreasonable things, or when they have an uncooperative attitude that prevents smooth cooperation.

Also, even if it is not rational, I think that people in a higher position or age tend to have a stronger voice.

So we will need to control the movement of people so that we can move these people with various differences in skills and personalities more efficiently.

In other words, the company needs to brush up the current 50-point environment to 70 or 80 points.

And I think that the personnel evaluation system is a system that can raise an environment of 50 points to 70 or 80 points.

If the personnel evaluation system is used well, people will move more efficiently, and as a result, the company will be able to achieve better results.

Control employees’ behavior in the desired direction

I also think that the personnel evaluation system is like a kind of law within the company.

I think that if the criteria for what is good behavior and what is bad behavior are presented in advance and people are told, “This is the way we want you to behave,” they will move in a certain desired direction, but if no criteria are presented, the possibility of undesirable behavior will remain.

And by writing good and recommended behaviors in the evaluation items of the personnel evaluation system, employees will be more likely to take those actions.

For example, if there are evaluation items such as “whether or not the employee immediately reports any complaints or mistakes to the supervisor” or “whether or not the employee actively supports others,” employees working under this evaluation system will be more likely to report any complaints or mistakes to the supervisor instead of hiding them, and will be less likely to be uncooperative with others.

If they don’t take the actions recommended in the evaluation, it will affect their pay raise.

In a way, you could say that if you do something that is not recommended, punishment awaits you (less pay raise or no pay raise).

Thus, by establishing a personnel evaluation system and clearly indicating to employees which behaviors are recommended and which are not, it is possible to give a certain direction to employees’ behavior to some extent.

This means that the company has some control over the behavior of its employees.

Through the personnel evaluation system, the company can communicate to the employees, “This is what our company is thinking and this is what we want you to do,” making it easier for the management to create the ideal corporate culture.

I believe that an organization with a certain degree of cohesiveness in its actions is stronger than an organization with disparate actions.

I feel like I’m being controlled by the company, so I don’t like it

Do you think so? I don’t care as long as it helps me grow more!

But in reality, we can’t defy gravity, our actions are influenced by the weather, and we are controlled by the earth, aren’t we? So I don’t think it means anything to say that, do you?

Shut the fuck up!

You can help your employees grow and improve the company’s competitiveness

“I want you to be able to do this.”

When employees are told this, they will first move in that direction.

And a few months later, if the employee is told “I want you to aim for A, but you are still at B. The difference between A and B is due to this. I want you to improve on that next time and do your best.” he or she will be able to recognize his or her own issues and thereby grow more efficiently.

By providing employees with a direction for growth in advance and opportunities for feedback, we can expect efficient human resource development.

If no direction for growth is given in advance and no feedback is given, employees will simply end up working 8 hours a day without knowing where to aim.

Of course, from the employee’s point of view, it would be fine if they could get a fixed monthly salary to make ends meet, but for the company, it would be a waste to simply make them work 8 hours a day.

As a manager, I think it is best to have employees grow as much as possible and have more and more people who can play a part in the company as a great asset.

Also, when people have some stability in their lives, they tend to seek rewarding things rather than money.

So, if you can motivate employees to feel rewarded and to devote themselves to their work, they will not only work eight hours a day, but they will also devise their own ideas and devote themselves to their work with enthusiasm.

As the number of such employees increases, it will be easier for the company to improve its performance.

It may also increase the possibility of new innovations.

How do you get people to be productive, efficient, and passionate?

In my opinion, the personnel evaluation system needs to be constructed by imagining how people move.

You can stabilize it as an organization

Since everyone has a different personality, I think the organization will not be stable unless we use the system to bind the direction in which employees move to some extent.

As people quit and new people are hired, people are replaced in the company.

I used to have an experience where a newcomer to the company was a monster employee and everyone had a hard time dealing with him, so I think there is something scary about replacing people.

So if the company does not have some sort of visible behavioral guidelines and regular opportunities for feedback to employees, I think the company will be torn down by monster employees.

Such a person will have a negative impact on other employees and may cause other talented employees to quit.

If this happens, the organization will not be stable.

Therefore, I strongly believe from my own experience that it is necessary to provide regular opportunities for employees to give feedback on their work and behavior.

Also, if you are able to show the behavioral guidelines well in advance, it will be easier for you to point out any unrecommended behaviors of your employees.

“We want these people to work for us for a long time. But your behavior is not suitable for our company. Don’t do that.”

I think it is easy to say something like this.

And, if there is an opportunity for such feedback, the person may change his or her behavior.


So far, I have explained the necessity of a personnel evaluation system, including my own experiences.

I believe that people should be moved by the system, rather than relying on their personal qualities and goodwill.

Not all of us are motivated, not all of us are good at our jobs, we all have different personalities, and most importantly, work is not an individual game.

Since we have to bring together a variety of people with different personalities, I think we have to use the system to move people in a certain direction.

However, I think it is quite difficult to create a system.

I still think that even if you build a personnel evaluation system, it cannot be a perfect system.

However, if we want to be competitive among companies, we need to build a personnel evaluation system to increase productivity, efficiency, and human resource development as an organization.

There is probably no urgency in establishing and operating a personnel evaluation system, but I think it is a very important task.

There are so many different kinds of people in this world. It’s hard to bring them all together

Just building a personnel evaluation system won’t solve everything, but even so, having an appropriate personnel evaluation system will help us utilize our human resources more effectively.

This has nothing to do with the story, but I’m starting to feel like eating cake♪

I believe that it is very important for a company to know how to move people around, and that ingenuity and efforts to effectively utilize human resources will make the company stronger.

So, thank you for reading this long! 🙂 🙂


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