Why is the redistribution of wealth necessary? because many people have the right to live like humans

Get money from the rich!

Don’t exploit any more from ordinary people like us!

This kind of voice was often heard when the consumption tax was raised in Japan.

It’s a bit radical, but I think it comes from the idea of the redistribution of wealth.

The redistribution of wealth is the sharing of money that rich people have with poor people.

For example, two people go fishing, one caught three fish, but the other caught none, and later the person who caught three will give one fish to the person who caught none. It’s like that.

Very nice person!

Well, the example of fishing is just an example, but in reality, rich people have to forcibly redistribute wealth even if they do not want to do it.

Yes, now rich people are forced to take money to redistribute wealth.

For the rich,

“It’s the money I earned by doing my best, so let me use it as I like!”

“I have no money to give to those who haven’t made an effort!”

“If a lot of money is taken away, I will not feel like working from the beginning.”

There will be an argument such as.

Sure, I know what they mean, but I still think that the redistribution of wealth is necessary for society.

Then, I would like to explain why we need the redistribution of wealth.

Ultimately, this world is RNG

It’s a fundamental question in the first place,

“It’s the money I earned by doing my best, so let me use it as I like!”

Why did a successful person who can say that succeed?

Was he patient? Was he smart? Is it because she had good connections?

On the other hand, why couldn’t people who live on welfare make their own money?

Is the person incompetent? Is it because the person was born and raised in a poor family?

What is the difference between those who have money and those who don’t?

I think like this.

That’s the difference in luck.

For example, in the example of “because a rich person was smart he was able to succeed”, he was born with the talent of being smart, so it can be said to have become rich.

As for patience, it can be said that he was born with the patient character, fortunately.

As for having good connections, It can be said that she was born with a character that can build sociable and good relationships, fortunately.

The reason he succeeded is he had the talent to continue working towards his goals while improving his shortcomings.

On the other hand, I think that the reason why poor people are poor is largely related to being born with low abilities unfortunately and being born into a poor family unfortunately. (I’m sorry if I make you angry because this expression is too direct)

In other words, it’s a very empty word, but ultimately,
It can be said, “the rich was just lucky“.

And It can be also said, “the poor were just out of luck”.

It’s a very empty idea, but in any case, it’s true that a person’s natural born qualities have a tremendous impact on his or her life.

Well, I don’t like that idea because it’s a way of saying, “The fate of that person has already been decided”.

I don’t usually think that way, and I think that destiny is something that we carve out with our own hands.
In addition, the hardships that successful people have felt are the undeniable facts.
Well, it means that you can think like that ultimately.

Since this world is largely dominated by “luck” that we can’t help yourself, people who are lucky enough to be born with great qualities need to support people who are unlucky and poor.

What if you were unlucky and had an unhappy life?

I think it’s very painful and sad to suffer from poverty for the rest of your life because of something you can’t control.

Therefore, as long as all we have such a risk, I think that rich people need to support the poor.

I think the attitude like “everything I earn is mine!” is not fair at all.

I don’t think successful people should be conceited, “I’ve come this far on my own! So let me do whatever I want!”

Successful people couldn’t do anything without luck.

Suppressing the deterioration of public security

Poverty and crime are linked.

When people fall into poverty, they are more likely to commit crimes.

In addition, poor families are more likely to be abused, and if poverty increases in this way, social instability will increase steadily.

I used to have a very poor heart, so I can understand the feelings of a person who is very poor and commits a crime.

Even those who have done bad things may have had some reason.
Of course, they are doing something socially wrong, so I can’t affirm.

Depending on the situation, anyone can commit a crime…

Historically in the past, as the number of people in poverty increased, theft cases increased and the security of society deteriorated, so the social security system was started to solve the poverty problem.

Of course, it’s only natural that people who have trouble eating food have no choice but to steal the food of others at the end.

The redistribution of wealth is necessary for society because it has the aspect of stabilizing the security of society and reducing the number of people who will have trouble in tomorrow’s lives.

Also supporting the poor will ultimately save the lives of the rich.

In the French Revolution, poor citizens eventually executed the king.

Well, this may be a bit of an extreme example, but I don’t know what to do when humans are cornered, so I think it will be an important role for the country to create an environment where people don’t have trouble to some extent.

By redistributing wealth, we stabilize society.

Necessary for the economy to grow

There is something called a safety net in this society, for example, a person who says, “I started a business but the company went bankrupt and I had a lot of debt” does not end my life.

Then, the person can receive more livelihood protection.

As long as you live in a society where wealth is redistributed, you are unlikely to starve to death.

I’ve seen people living in cardboard drinking and gambling from daytime.

If we are in an environment where we don’t starve to death, we are blessed.

I think it will be important for the economy to grow to have an environment where individuals can live with peace of mind and can take on the challenge.

If people try and fail and die, fewer people will challenge.

Economists who advocate the redistribution of wealth said, “When the minimum survival is ensured, long-term planning, actions and challenges are possible. This is the necessity for redistribution policies to support growth”.

After all, you can take a drastic challenge by thinking that we will not die even if we fail, and if that challenge creates new services and enriches the lives of our society as a whole, It can be said that the redistribution of wealth is very meaningful.

In order to continue economic growth, I think it is necessary for society to build a safety net by redistributing wealth.


So far, I’ve looked at why the redistribution of wealth is necessary, with my thoughts.

I think it can be said that the redistribution of wealth is necessary for human beings to live like human beings.

I think it is necessary to redistribute wealth so that individuals can live as fairly as possible, regardless of their natural talents and environment, without letting individuals choose crime or suicide due to poverty as much as possible.

If I was born very poor and only the rich lived a happy life, I would really hate it!

Well, human beings are creatures that get angry when they see others lives happily even though I’m in a difficult situation.

I understand that …

I think that a society where each person can live like a human being is a good society.

It was a stiff content of “the redistribution of wealth”, but thank you for reading! 🙂


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