Impact of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe being shot during a speech

Today former Prime Minister Abe was shot with a shotgun during a campaign speech.

And he was confirmed dead at 5:03 pm.


He was truly a great politician and I really feel for his family’s current emotional state.

I am so sorry.


He worked so hard for Japan.

Why did it have to end like this?

It is too cruel.

I think he has fulfilled his role in this world, so please let him rest in heaven.

That’s all I can say.

Finally, something like this has come to happen in Japan.

This case represents the current decline of Japan and seems to be a turning point for this society.

I have heard recently that the percentage of people in Japan who are dissatisfied with the current situation due to poverty is getting higher and higher, but in light of incidents like this one, politicians will have to seriously start thinking about what to do about the economy.

They seriously need to change the current corrupt 5th class politics where they are only looking at vested interests and making pocket money every month.

Mr. Abe was shot this time, and next time another politician may be shot.

Of course, no matter how dirty the politicians are, the people should not try to change the status quo through violence.

But even though I say so, this kind of incident actually happened.

What is wrong is wrong, but the reality is that when people are dissatisfied with the status quo, things like this happen.

Therefore, to prevent this kind of violence from occurring, politicians must seriously change the current situation in Japan, which has begun to decline.

If the economy continues to fall apart, more and more violent incidents like this one will occur.

They have no choice but to seriously reform Japan now.

But, why did Abe have to be shot?

He really worked hard to improve Japan.

He did more and more of what Japan needed, and of course the Abe administration had its problems, but the economy actually started to improve, and he was steadily producing results outside of the economy as well.

I dislike most politicians, but I liked Abe.

I have a very good impression of him because, unlike other fake politicians, he worked desperately for Japan and got results while taking a cut of his own salary.

Oh yeah, after he was shot, various politicians were spouting cool lines like “this is an affront to democracy”, but it’s just because you guys haven’t been doing your job properly, you idiot!!!!

Are you idiots?!?!?!?!

Are you assholes aaaaahhh!!!!!!!!

Abe got dragged into the mess because Japan is declining because you guys don’t do your job properly and play with taxpayers’ money!!!!!!

It’s too unreasonable, you fucking scumbags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why are these guys talking like it’s someone else’s problem?

Why did Abe have to be shot?

I’m not going to go so far as to say that I wish other politicians who weren’t doing their jobs had been shot instead, but it’s really unreasonable that incompetent politicians who spend a lot of taxpayer money and do lax things can have a good time, while Abe, who worked for the people and delivered results despite being heavily criticized, has to go through this.

It’s really really unreasonable.

I recently saw a video of some politicians enjoying overseas sightseeing with taxpayer money instead of doing their jobs as business trips, and I thought these termites were ruining Japan.

And they should be fully aware of the danger that the wrath of society will be directed at them in the future and do their jobs for the people.

Well, I’ve seen various politicians, commentators, and Twitter users saying “Japan is a democratic country” or “This is the beginning of the collapse of democracy,” but it doesn’t mean that violence doesn’t occur because it is a democratic country.

Even in Japan, which has been a democracy for more than 70 years, murders have occurred from time to time.

So, instead of just spouting phrases like “democracy is…,” I think that if we want to prevent violence during elections like this one, we need to change the election system.

Now that the Internet is so popular, can’t we use YouTube to make campaign speeches or something?

Is there a need for people who are not well-liked by many people to continue speaking in the streets nowadays?

Even if there is a need, shouldn’t it be stopped now considering the cost of security and the risk of harm?

There are so many different types of people in the world, you never know who or what they might do at any given moment.

In particular, politicians, even good ones like Abe, should stop making street speeches because they are the kind of people who are hated by many people.

Anyway, I hope that the politicians will change their attitude and really reform for the sake of Japan.

I am really shocked.

Why did he have to be killed?

The remaining politicians should take over his will and seriously reform!!!

Don’t let his death be in vain.

I think this is something politicians, the media, and we the people need to reflect on.

It’s not beautiful at all to have a society that kills people like this who worked so hard for Japan!!!!!!!!!!

We must create a society that rewards those who worked hard and produced results.

This should never happen.


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