Suffer no more! Eight super practical solutions to cure depression

I used to suffer from depression.

At the time, all I could think about was negative things, my mind felt as if it was being squeezed from something, causing me to suffer immensely mentally, and even when I walked, I felt as if someone was riding on my back all the time.

I always wanted to die, but when I tried to, I was too scared to do so, and in the end, I just kept suffering again.


…You hear a lot of people say that depression is painful, but when I hear such graphic stories, it changes my mind that depression is actually a terrible disease……

There is a lot known about the mechanism of depression, so it may be important to pay attention to your state of mind on a daily basis, just as you pay attention to your body shape.

It’s not good to push yourself too hard.

Moreover, I was running out of gas, but I kept pushing myself harder and harder, which made my mental state worse and worse.

I remember it was quite hard at that time.

That’s why I decided to write this article, hoping that my experience and my current thoughts on how to get out of depression will be helpful to those who suffer from depression so that they can get out of it and live their lives on their own terms again.

This article will provide you with concrete and realistic solutions on how to get out of a tough situation.

In the past, I’ve tried many things to get out of tough situations, and I’d like to share with you 8 ways that I think have worked for me.

So let’s get right down to business!

Go to a hospital and get a proper checkup by a specialist

The first and most important thing is to go to the hospital and have the doctor examine you properly.

By having a hospital doctor examine your situation in detail, you can get appropriate advice from a specialist’s point of view and also get the appropriate medication prescribed according to your condition.

Also, actually talking to the doctor at the hospital will make you feel a little better.

I went to the hospital for the first time about four months after I started having symptoms of depression, and I wish I had gone to the hospital a little earlier because the doctor actually listened to me and gave me a lot of advice and prescribed medication.

By taking the medicine, my mood was a little better than before I took it.

The medication I was taking was called an SSRI, which is a medication that increases the amount of “happy hormones” in the brain.

Depression is a brain disease to begin with, so using medication to increase the amount of good substances in the brain is an effective way to deal with depression.

When you go to a hospital, they can offer you various effective ways to deal with depression like this, so I think you should seek medical help first before trying to improve your depression on your own.

“Depression is a weakness of the mind! So work hard! It is no longer outdated, isn’t it? Depression is a brain disease, so we need to approach the disease appropriately using the power of science.

Besides, it’s always a relief to see a doctor!

Eat delicious food

The act of eating not only nourishes the body but also has the effect of relieving tension and stabilizing the mind.

Eating is very important in relieving stress, and everyone feels somewhat happier when they eat good food.

Besides, when you are stressed, the nutrients in your body become insufficient, so it is very important to supplement those nutrients by eating properly.

I think it’s better to give your brain positive emotions as much as possible when you’re depressed. When you’re depressed, the negative power is much stronger than the positive power, so you have to push back the negative power by doing things that make you feel even a little bit happy.

And since eating good food generates positive feelings of deliciousness in the brain, eating good food is effective in pushing back the negative power in the brain.

I believe that these savings of happiness will be the driving force to overcome the negative power of depression.

By the way, in my case, I was eating steak about once a week at that time.

The euphoria I felt when I ate a lot of good meat was exceptional, and I tried to savor that euphoria on a regular basis.

I really feel energized when I eat meat, don’t you?

It’s not just about the meat. Eating good food makes us feel happy♪

If you can enjoy your meals three times a day, you will gradually gain more and more energy.

Enjoy sex

Sex is one of the most common activities that make humans feel a strong sense of happiness.

When we have sex, we feel a strong sense of pleasure and our hearts are filled.

Sex has a strong positive power.

In fact, my depression improved dramatically as I began to have sex more often.

From my experience, I believe that sex is a super effective way to defeat the power of negativity.

Incidentally, in my case, I didn’t have a girlfriend, so I often went to the brothel to enjoy sex.

When I write this, I know that many people will be reluctant to go to such places, but I think that there is nothing wrong with paying for sexual services.

In the first place, this society we live in should allow us to do whatever we want as long as we don’t cause trouble for others.

We pay for sexual services because we want to receive them, and the women provide them because they want to make money.

Aside from the debate on whether it is morally good or bad, there is no problem legally, and since women have freedom of choice in their occupation and choose to do so of their own volition, there should be no problem whether women engage in sexual services or men receive sexual services.

If you want to enjoy sexual services in a normal way, I think it’s fine to take advantage of them.

By the way, even for women, there are also options of sex services for women, where handsome men will provide services for you.

I think it’s totally fine for men and women to take advantage of this kind of sexual services if they want to.

I think opinions such as “women should be demure” or “it’s shameful for women to be sexually uninhibited” are bullshit, and if women want to enjoy sex, they should go ahead and enjoy it.

Because it is a strict fact that humans are creatures that love sex.

Either way, there is a lot of energy in sex, and it has been my experience that depression can be greatly improved by having sex.

……No comment from me yet…

But sexual desire is a fundamental human need, and I don’t think it’s a good idea to turn a blind eye to it.

I wish the whole world could be more sexually tolerant like Sweden.

Lie down

Fortunately for me, I was the type of person who could sleep well even with depression.

I think some people with depression can’t sleep.

So, this is a solution only for those who can sleep, but in my experience, sleeping is very effective in relieving mood.

I used to sleep a lot when I got tough.

When I couldn’t stop feeling negative emotions, I would lie down in bed and try to sleep anyway.

And when I woke up, the negative emotions I had felt before going to sleep had gone away.

Rather, it was as if I had forgotten the hard feelings by sleeping.

Even just taking a nap for 20 or 30 minutes made a huge difference in my mood.

According to brain science, if you take a 20-minute nap, the information in your head will be organized and your mind will be clearer.

Incidentally, I used to sleep during my lunch break not only at home but also at work.

It was quite hard to stay at work in a depressed state, so I slept during my lunch break to clear my emotions to some extent, and then went back to work in the afternoon.

No, actually, when you’re depressed, you shouldn’t try too hard at anything……

Anyway, I think sleep has helped me a lot.

I was really grateful that the hard feelings were gone when I woke up.

I like to sleep, too, but I get hungry and often wake up in the middle of my sleep

I don’t know, man.

Go to the gym and do some serious strength training

I know that many people find it hard to move when they are depressed, but I would definitely recommend strength training for those people.

You feel refreshed when you do strength training.

And I think you should go to the gym to do some hardcore muscle training.

I started going to the gym when I was going through a really tough time mentally.

I used to go to the gym on my way home after work, and after 30 minutes of working out with the training equipment, my body and mind would feel moderately comfortable and I would sweat and feel refreshed after the strength training.

The hardships I felt before the strength training disappeared completely after the training.

This is because strength training has a calming effect on the mind.

When you do strength training, your brain releases substances that make you feel positive, such as testosterone, serotonin, and dopamine.

So it made sense scientifically that my heart would feel lighter after strength training.

After realizing the benefits of strength training, I started going to the gym more often.

My motivation was quite high at the time.

This is because it makes the pain of depression disappear.

I wanted to do a lot of strength training if I could relieve the hardship of depression by doing strength training, because the hardship of depression is much harder than the hardship of doing strength training.

By the way, if you do decide to go to the gym and go to the gym, I recommend that you do a light workout on the first day.

Because I suddenly exercised too hard on the first day and got a fever the next day lol

It seems that if you suddenly do intense muscle training, your immune system will drop and you will catch a cold easily.

So I hope you’ll be careful not to screw up like I did lol

Strength training has been scientifically shown to have many benefits. And strength training can be very effective in improving our physical and mental health, not just for those with depression!

Maybe strength training is like a switch to bring out the dormant power in us

Talk to someone and ask them to listen to your situation and complain

In my experience, talking to someone is a very good way to improve your mood.

By talking to people around you, such as friends and acquaintances, about your situation and your complaints, your mind will begin to clear.

In fact, I used to call my friends when I was feeling more and more depressed.

By talking to my friends about my difficult situation, I definitely felt much better than before.

Maybe it’s because verbalizing my feelings helps me to clear my head, and it also makes me feel relieved to have people around me sympathize with my feelings, which helps me to clear my mind.

I can’t say anything definitive, but I do feel better when I talk about it with others.

At least the foggy feeling in my mind was cleared.

For example, when you watch an emotional scene, your left brain interprets the story and your right brain empathizes with it, causing you to cry.

Based on this, I believe that when painful emotions are stored in the right brain, the left brain interprets the emotions objectively and logically when we try to verbalize them, and finally the right side of the brain empathizes with the emotions that have been organized in this way, and the emotions fade away and we feel calm.

So I think it’s important to verbalize emotions in order to let the left brain process them.

So I also recommend keeping a diary.

In fact, it is recommended by doctors and other health care professionals that depressed people keep a diary.

Write down what happened that day, what you felt, etc. on a daily basis.

If you make time to write down your feelings and face your emotions, your mind will become a little calmer.

For example, if you are alone in total darkness, you will feel anxious and frightened, but when the lights come on and you realize that you are just in a normal place, your mind will calm down.

People get stressed about these unidentified things, so if you can face your emotions and find out what they are, you will feel a little calmer.

I also used to write a diary in the past to release my feelings, but after all, writing a diary helped me to clear my mind each time.

As mentioned above, don’t keep your painful feelings to yourself, but share them with others and let them out in a diary so that you can feel better.

I was complaining to my friends all the time, and the next thing I knew, I didn’t have a single friend around

That’s simply because you’ve been acting all high and mighty……

Watch TV

It has long been said that television has been in decline in recent years, but if you actually watch television, you will find that there is a lot of good content.

It is often said that “the number of interesting programs is decreasing, and the overall TV ratings are dropping!”, However, this is probably due to a change in the environment, which is simply the spread of smartphones and computers.

I don’t think the fun of TV programs today has changed that much compared to TV programs in the past.

In fact, there are a variety of interesting programs on TV, including programs that can move you, programs that can make you laugh, and programs that can give you knowledge that is useful to know.

I used to watch a lot of variety shows when I was depressed.

And laughing made me feel better.

In fact, laughing decreases the amount of stress hormones in the brain, and laughing allows a large amount of oxygen to be taken into the body (three to four times more than normal breathing), which activates brain cells and improves brain function.

Scientifically and from my own experience, I believe that the act of laughing has a positive effect on mental health, so I would like to recommend that you watch variety shows that are about silly things.

Also, the act of crying also has a relaxing effect, so watching a moving program and letting the tears flow is also a good idea.

Besides, if you turn on the TV, you will hear various people talking on the TV, which will distract you from the loneliness of being alone.

So at that time, I often turned on the TV when I was at home.

Sure, TV is made by professionals who make interesting content!

There are a lot of variety shows that are really funny. However, I think that the ability of comedians to create laughter is honestly amazing

Read books to change the way you think

I used to read books a lot before I got depressed, and I continued to read books as a habit after I got depressed.

People with depression are in a state of extreme negativity in their thinking, so they need to change that thinking a little.

In fact, there is a theory that depressed people see the world more correctly than normal people, and since it is inherently hard for us to live facing this harsh world, people have started to escape from reality to some extent and think positively about things.

I think this is one reason why human beings engage in religion.

So I think depressed people need to be able to think optimistically to some extent without facing the reality too much.

And in order to change the way of thinking, I think we need to be exposed to other people’s thinking and various kinds of knowledge.

If you look up “depression” or “mental health” on Amazon, you will find many books on the subject, including easy-to-read books on depression written in manga.

Reading books will give you new ways of thinking and noticing things, and give you a chance to gradually change your way of thinking.

I also recommend watching videos on YouTube related to depression and mental health if you are not good at reading books and find it troublesome.

If you search for “depression” or “mental health” on YouTube, you will find a variety of explanatory videos that are easy to understand and nicely organized.

Incidentally, I don’t think that reading a book or watching YouTube will immediately change your life.

If you’ve just acquired the knowledge, you’ve understood it in your head, but the thinking hasn’t seeped into your mind yet.

It will take some time for the thinking to seep into your mind.

I think this is inevitable due to the nature of the human brain, so there is no need to be so impatient or deny yourself again even if what you think and what you feel do not match.

I did the same, but my thinking slowly changed.

It’s really like that, so I think it’s best if you take your time and change your negative thinking.

Knowledge is really important, and the more knowledge you have, the more you can think. It also increases the probability that you will be able to take the right approach, and the right knowledge is essential if you want to achieve your goals efficiently.

I do read books sometimes, but I get bored halfway through if it’s just text, so I guess YouTube works better for me!


So far, based on my experience, I’ve explained what I consider to be the most effective ways to improve my depression!

I was doing a lot of things, hoping to somehow escape the pain of depression.

Of course, everyone’s situation and perception of things is different, so I can’t guarantee that these methods will work for everyone, but if you find any of these methods that seem to work for you, I hope you will try to incorporate them into your life.

I believe that if you feed your mind with fun and positive nourishment, you will find hope to live.

Personally, I particularly remember going to a brothel to enjoy a woman’s body, enjoying a huge bowl of thick ramen afterwards, and then going home to a good night’s sleep.

I felt the greatest, greatest, greatest happiness that day.

After I started to actively center my life on things that I enjoy doing in this way, my depression gradually got better.

If there are no fun things in life and only painful things, there is no hope for living, right? So, I think it is very important to find something to enjoy.

Even if work is hard, if I have a few fun things going on, I can manage!

Well, it’s true that life is not all fun and games. If you can feel a little bit of happiness in the midst of all the hardships, I think that’s enough in life

Also, I personally think that depression is a powerful drug in life.

The side effects of taking the powerful drug called depression are very painful, but when the side effects are over, life will be better than before.

In fact, I feel that strongly.

I have become able to face things more squarely than before the depression, have gained a certain degree of mental control, and am able to solve various problems on my own.

And most importantly, my compassion and empathy for others has become much, much deeper than before.

I have come to understand the pain of others.

Now, I’m really glad that I got depressed then.

As a result, my life changed because of my depression.

I don’t mean to be pushy or anything, but I definitely feel that my life has changed for the better.

Moreover, I once saw on TV that even some people who have had cancer say afterwards that they are glad they had it, and there are many others like that.

It seems that everyone who has gotten cancer thinks seriously about the meaning of life and their own life.

And after overcoming cancer, they can live their lives with a greater sense of fulfillment.

People who are faced with great adversity and overcome it definitely become tougher.

So, looking back, I can say that suffering from depression is not only a bad thing, but also a preparation period to make your life more fruitful in the future.

Depression is painful, but I was able to overcome it, and many other people have overcome depression, so if you are kind to yourself, find something fun to do, and live your life little by little at your own pace, I believe you can overcome depression.

Thank you for taking the time to read this long!

I hope this article will be of some help to you.

Even the darkest night will absolutely end and the sun will rise!


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