The law of success! In this world, it’s all about how we can be of service to others!

“I want to succeed big in life!”

“I want to leave proof of my existence in this world!”

I think that there are many people in the world who have this kind of ambition.

Without these kinds of people, there will be no new innovations and the world will not develop, so I would like to see more and more people with this kind of ambition come out.

On the other hand, if you insist on making money from the front, I think people often get the impression that you are disgusting or dirty.

But I think.

What’s wrong with living a life where you make a lot of money and bathe in wads of cash every day?

I also want to have enough money to buy whatever I want, go wherever I want, and have enough luxury.

I think you’re a bad person!

No, honesty is important. Because I want lots of money, too

To be honest, I have the image that too much money might distort human nature, so I would like to have money in moderation…

Unless you’re already rich, everyone wants money without exception.

And I believe that whether or not a person can actually make a lot of money is ultimately determined by how useful he or she has been to others.

In reality, success depends on many factors, but I think the fundamental law of success is quite simple.

Now I’d like to talk about what I think about success and money, and what it means to be a useful person to others!

Humans are creatures that evolved to live in cooperation with others

No human being can live alone.

When we eat, we eat vegetables and meat grown by some farmer, the electricity, gas and water that we need in our daily lives are managed and provided by the power company or the water bureau, devices such as PCs and smartphones are made by people working for technology companies, and content such as apps and websites are made by some developer.

In this way, we humans live by influencing each other.

We enjoy products and services that are developed and managed by others, and we pay the service providers to support their lives.

The opposite is also true: by working, we provide goods and services to others, and by receiving money from others, they support us in our lives.

Yes, we cannot live alone.

Rather, in today’s society where many things have become more convenient, it is physically impossible to live alone.

A long time ago, there was a time when humans lived in small groups, but then our ancestors gradually began to live in larger groups.

This was because the odds of survival were higher if they lived in a large group than if they lived in a small group.

It is naturally easier to survive if you have a lookout to protect you from the enemy, or if you fight back with a large group of people instead of just one when the enemy comes.

By forming groups and living in cooperation with others in this way, we humans have been able to prosper to this point.

People were able to survive by forming groups, but on the other hand, it can be said that people were not able to live alone.
In fact, those who did not form groups perished.

Feeling lonely and painful when I am alone may be like my brain telling me to be with others……

I guess it’s human nature to live by cooperating with others

Earning money is a sign that you’ve helped someone

And having lived with others, humanity has created a revolutionary system to further develop humanity!

No, I don’t know if we evolved that way intentionally or accidentally, but anyway, in human society, a principle and system has been formed that those who are useful to others will prosper and be admired by others and become rich.

Our human society operates on the principle that rich people are useful to the world a lot.

For example, Apple has made our lives much more convenient by creating smartphones, which are now indispensable in our daily lives.

This means that Apple has made a useful contribution to people’s lives.

As a result, many people paid Apple money, and Apple is now prospering as a very rich, very large company.

Apple has prospered so much because it has helped so many people by providing them with great things that many people want.

As you can see from the example of Apple, they get paid because they have helped people, and it can be said that the essential meaning of making money is to help someone.

Good restaurants flourish because they are able to satisfy people at a higher level, that is, they are useful to people. The sales of companies that sell drinking water increase in the summer because they respond to people’s desire to drink water, that is, they are useful to people.

Thus, if you want to succeed greatly in the world, you will need to think of things that will help people.

So I don’t think that people who say they want to make money are disgusting or dirty.

Making money means being useful to someone else, and that’s a great thing. (Except for the bad ones, like cheating someone out of their money.)

I am impressed by the interdependence of human society, which is really well designed.

A great man who founded a long era of peace in Japan once said this.
” Those who please the greatest number of people will prosper the greatest.”

I’ve been too embarrassed to say “helpful to others” until today, but from today I can say it too

Yeah, I’ll make more money too! I’m starting to feel like a rich person!

Did the word “thank you” drive human development?

By the way, I think people say “thank you” when you are helpful to them.

In general, we pay money as compensation for our gratitude when we buy something, but when you help someone on the street, for example, you may have the opportunity to be said “thank you.

But if you help someone and they don’t say “thank you,” you’ll probably get annoyed and think, “Why can’t he say thank you?”

This is because we have given them help but have not received anything from them (in other words, it is like selling something to them but not receiving any money from them), so I think the reason why people get angry is because they feel that what they have given is not balanced by what they have received from the other person, which is unfair.

Even if we do something for someone, if we don’t receive anything from them, our brain will calculate the gain or loss and we will always feel a loss.

So by receiving compensation from the other person in the form of a “thank you,” I think we can accept a situation that would otherwise be a loss to us.

I guess without this “thank you” system, free mutual aid would not have occurred and humanity would not have developed to this extent.

Even if you think you have given someone a free gift of goodwill, I think your brain is calmly calculating the profit and loss behind the scenes.

Even if you think you have given someone a free gift of goodwill, you will be annoyed if you do not feel any gratitude from them.

I think there is always a calm calculation going on between us, and we influence each other well in this way so that we don’t lose if we help others.

When I gave up my seat on the train once, there was an old lady who acted like “of course!”
I thought, “I didn’t have to give up my seat to the fuckin’ old lady.”

But in the end, I think such people will live a lonely life without being appreciated or adored by those around them. I think they deserve what they get.

I don’t want to be that old lady… I’ll have to be careful, too…


So far, I’ve talked about the relationship between success and money!

In fact, I was self-indulgent for a while in the past, and finally realized the principles described in this article……

So I wrote this article in the hope that it might be of some help to those who have big goals!

So it’s all about calculation. You write these articles to help people, and in the end, you want to make money

Shut up! If that’s what you think, then go ahead and think it! All you do is laugh at people from the outside. You’re an incompetent bastard!

What the hell is wrong with you, you lowlife guitarist? Say that again! I’ll knock you down!

Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! You’re disgusting!

…It’s getting out of hand, so I’m going to have to call it a day……
Well, thank you for reading!

To be continued… 😉


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