What is music? A musical philosophy revealed by the best genius artist

This is a good song by this artist that’s been popular lately, isn’t it?


The third song on this album is really good!

That’s right

This lyrical phrase makes me feel so positive~!

…Hmm? Yeah, that’s a good one

The temperature difference in the conversation.
She seems so uninterested that it is awkward to watch.

Music is good, isn’t it?

But I didn’t get interested in music until I entered university, and until then I had little interest in music.

But when I think about it, I wonder why people are interested in music and why they want to listen to it.

For example, we want food because we can’t live without energy.

Sleep is equally essential for our survival, so our brain wants to sleep, and we do.

So, what about music…?

Music is not absolutely necessary for survival.

It is possible to live without music.

We’ve learned enough from the coronavirus to know that we can live without entertainment.

So why does music exist?

What is music……

There are many things that I don’t understand even after thinking about it, but for the time being, I have some answers in my mind.

So, if you have any other opinions or thoughts, I’d be very happy if you could write them in the comments later!

So, I’d like to take a moment to explain what I, the greatest genius artist, am currently thinking about the nature of music.

This is the philosophy of music

So let’s get to it! Come on DJ Bob \(^^)/ < here we go

What is music?

A designer’s wisdom to keep humans alive in this hard world

The world is full of sad, painful, and difficult things.

Even those of us who live in the modern world, with its affluent lifestyle, have many problems.

People in the past, when life was not so affluent, must have lived with different worries than we do today, such as sadness, pain, and hardships that directly affect our survival.

In order to live and prosper in such a difficult world, we need to be able to feel something enjoyable.

If all you do is suffer in life, you will eventually become depressed and take your own life.

Therefore, the designer of human beings has created a system for us to live a positive life.

It is a system that makes us feel happy by playing and listening to rhythms and songs.

In other words, I now think that music is a system designed to help us live as much as possible in this difficult world.

I have often heard people say, “When I was in pain, that song saved my life,” and I think that music is a tool to free people from suffering and make their lives easier.

I think that music is the fruit of the wisdom of the designers to help us survive in this harsh world.

If the world had always been peaceful, music would not exist because we would be able to live normally enough.

Who is the designer…?

Hmmm… I personally call it a “designer”, not a so-called monotheistic god-like being, but a being that has been among us since long ago, controlling the evolution of the human organism.

I don’t know what it is, but is it in each one of us?

I don’t know if it’s in each one of us, or if it exists in one place and controls the entire human race from afar.
But, in order for an organism to evolve, it is necessary to keep observing the process of evolution and keep improving it, so I think there must be a being somewhere that has been observing us since long ago.
I think that our lives are divided into two functions: the function of concentrating on day-to-day living, and the function of strategy, which keeps thinking about how to evolve human beings in the future.

So you’re talking about short-term and long-term functions.

Yes. When we live our lives, we usually live from a short-term perspective, but in addition to that, there must be a really smart guy who looks at the whole human being from a more long-term perspective, and that guy is the designer.

So, the system that this designer created to make our lives as easy as possible is music.

But I don’t think music was created just to make life easier for people, and I’ll explain more about that later.

A uniting device to unite a large number of people

When you go to a concert, you can feel the unity of the audience as many people join in the rhythm and sing together.

You can also feel a great sense of unity when the national anthem is sung before a sports game.

Also, when you listen to or sing music with your friends, don’t you feel a sense of unity?

Humans can strengthen the unity of people through music.

Apparently, rhythm plays a major role in uniting people.

For example, you can find records of increased productivity by playing music in factories.

This is a psychological effect called the “rhythm synchronization effect,” and it is said that if music is played in factories, the behavior of the group will follow a certain rhythm, and as a result, productivity will increase.

It is also said that the Crusaders had their musicians play to boost the morale of their soldiers, and the French people united by singing La Marseillaise to promote the revolution.

As you can see, music can be effective for individuals, but it can also be effective for groups.

Music can unite people of different ages, genders, hobbies, specialties, and backgrounds.

When I think about it, I think this is a pretty amazing thing.

Even among people who don’t know each other, it is possible to create common ground and unite them in an instant.

In order for humanity to develop, we need to unite, and I think we have been given the room to do so.

Therefore, I think that music is also a uniting device, so to speak.

In terms of smoothly connecting people’s relationships, I guess you could say that music is a tool for communication.

You’re not very good at singing, are you? You definitely don’t communicate well when you sing.

It sucks because you don’t even communicate properly in everyday life, let alone singing♪

Well, I want to sing La Marseillaise now. In order to send someone to the guillotine

Switches that amplify the power of emotions

When we listen to music, we feel a variety of emotions, don’t we?

For example, when a touching ballad is played at a wedding, the atmosphere becomes even more emotional.

If you listen to a breakup song when you’re heartbroken, you’ll feel even sadder (I don’t know, I’ve never been in love).

There are many athletes who listen to music before a game to sharpen their feelings.

In this way, music and emotion are closely related.

For example, even if at first glance there are ordinary, mundane words in a row, if a melody is added to it, it suddenly becomes dramatic and shakes the emotions many times over.

In this way, I think music is a switch to amplify the power of emotions.

On the other hand, music is also related to memory.

For example, when you listen to music you used to listen to in the past, you may recall vividly what you were experiencing at that time.

It makes you nostalgic and stirs your emotions.

This is called “mental time travel,” and when you listen to music, you are transported back in time.

In this way, I think one of the great benefits of music is that it can bring out a variety of emotions and enrich the flavor of life.

When I hear the songs that my father used to listen to at home now, it reminds me of the days when I was forced to help him work in the fields in the mud.

When I listen to the songs I used to be addicted to when I was a student now, it reminds me of the days when the neighborhood kids used to throw stones at me.

When I listen to the songs that I used to listen to while writing reports now, I remember the time when I couldn’t write a report because of tendinitis caused by banging on the keyboard while I was running out of sleep and pressed for a deadline, and my professor made me keep going to the convenience store to buy his lunch for a month.

You guys don’t have any good memories at all

What if music disappeared from this world?

Considering the fact that the function of music has been packed into the brain even if it takes up a part of the brain’s limited resources, I think music is quite important to us.

So, let’s consider the opposite world, i.e., “What would happen if music disappeared from this world?”

When you watch TV, all you hear is the sound of someone talking; when you walk down the street, all you hear is the sound of people and cars passing by; when you go into a convenience store, all you hear is the sound of the cashier; when you go into a restaurant, all you hear is the sound of people eating and drinking.

There is no karaoke, no concerts, no concept of musicians, no stars of the music world that used to exist all over the world, and the music industry is completely gone.

Assuming that we live in such a world, what would it feel like?

In my imagination, I think that the movement of human emotions and the richness of life would be lacking.

Of course, in a world where there is no concept of music from the beginning, the absence of music is normal and there may be no inconvenience, but for those of us who are exposed to music, I think the world would be somewhat tasteless.

I don’t intend to put an absolute value on the power of music, but when I imagine a world without music, I think that music is a good spice in people’s lives.

I think music is one of the most important elements that support our “humanity”.

Birds can use their wings to fly, and we humans can use music to enrich our lives.

I see. If music were to disappear from this world, we humans would be a little less attractive.

But even if that happens, it won’t change my appeal

Yeah, no matter how much you draw from nothing, it’s still the same


A wild argument! In the end, there’s no point in thinking about it

I’ve been thinking a lot about music, but in the end, I don’t think it makes sense to think about “what is music?” haha.

When I think about why I feel good emotions when I look at a beautiful picture, I can only say that I feel good emotions when I look at it.

The reason we feel good when we eat something delicious is because that’s how our brain works.

When you see beautiful scenery, you think, “Wow, it’s so beautiful” because you think so.

It’s because that’s how our brain is designed to feel when we see beautiful scenery.

So when we come into contact with a certain thing, if it can create positive emotions within us and make us feel good, I think that’s good enough for us.

We don’t need to expose all of what music is, but if we are currently enjoying it, that’s OK.

For example, we generally do not know the structure of a car.

We can drive a car without knowing how the engine works or how the suspension works, and we don’t need to know all the details.

In the same way, in the end, if we are able to enjoy music like this, then I think it’s okay.

There is a philosophical pleasure in thinking about the true nature of music.

Well, there is no clear answer, and in the end, there is no point in thinking about it, I suppose.

Hmm, I don’t know, but I think we’ll have the answer in about 500 years…

Science has made remarkable progress lately, so maybe in 300 years or so, some amazing invention will be made, and in 200 years after that, all the mysteries might be solved.

I don’t understand at all when you talk with keywords like “300 years later” or “500 years later


So far, I have chattered about my thoughts on the question, “What is music?”

Well, to sum up, I don’t know what music is, hahahahahahahaha.

I don’t think it’s easy to understand what a designer who is much smarter than us humans thinks.

For now, I’m going to summarize all the chats I’ve had so far at the bottom.

Today’s conclusion

What is music?

  1. A designer’s wisdom to keep humans alive in this hard world
    There are many hard things in this world!
    Music is the system that was created to keep us living in such a harsh world without losing hope!
  2. A uniting device to unite a large number of people
    The human race has developed to this point through the cooperation of large numbers of people!
    Music, which has the effect of increasing the unity of a group, is a uniting device that encourages the achievement of great goals!
  3. Switches that amplify the power of emotions
    When we listen to music, our emotions are stirred! It brings back memories!
    Music is a switch that stimulates the richness of human emotion!

What if music disappeared from this world?

Without the spice of music, the world would be a tasteless place!
Just as meat tastes half as good if you don’t put pepper on it!
It’s only spice, but it’s still spice!

A wild argument! In the end, there’s no point in thinking about it

Well, there’s no point in thinking about it

Anyway, I’m going to the convenience store now to buy some dinner.

On the way there, I’ll walk around and think about music again.

Okay, bye! Bye! \(^o^)/

You’ve suddenly become a mess

I guess I was very hungry……


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