I came up with a really interesting hypothesis on the question of why people live

Why do people live?

I think that if you are alive, you hear this kind of question, and you sometimes think about it yourself.

Why do we live?

Depending on the person, there are many answers, such as to enjoy life, to be useful to others, because we were born, to pass the time, or because it is meaningless to think about such things in the first place.

Until recently, I personally thought, “Even though I think about why I am alive, in the end there is no answer, and if that is the case, I should just live my current life to the fullest.

That is certainly one answer, but a super interesting answer suddenly popped into my head just now.

I wonder if anyone else has thought about the meaning of life with this kind of idea in mind?

In conclusion, currently my answer is that “we are living to achieve some purpose of the Creator”.

I think you don’t understand what I mean, so let me explain in a little more detail.

For example, we humans have invented computers, developed games, and created applications.

The creators of these things are human beings, which means that for computers and games, we humans are gods.

We humans operate these creations and give them instructions to make the computers and other devices work.

When we ask a supercomputer to “predict the weather,” the supercomputer will produce the results we expect.

So “humans want the supercomputer to do something for them.

And that supercomputer does not perceive anything about the creator, the human being.

The computer is only trying to derive the results that humans expect based on what humans have programmed it to do.

I think this relationship between computers and humans is a microcosm of us humans and our Creator.

We humans cannot perceive the God and Creator who made us.

And humans are programmed in advance to do many things.

When we eat food, we feel delicious; when we have sex, we feel happy; when we help someone, we feel glad; when we are criticized, we feel offended.

These are pre-programmed by the human creator. Just as humans have done to supercomputers.

Then why are we programmed this way? I think it is programmed for mankind to prosper.

At present, mankind has become the world’s champion and mankind has become quite prosperous.

As programmed by the Creator, we have made steady progress despite twists and turns.

But I don’t think that the Creator is just enjoying the progress of humankind and watching it from outside the walls like Attack on Titan.

I think that the Creator has a purpose and makes human beings do some kind of work, just as a person makes a computer do calculations.

Human beings learned to make fire, and before long, they even acquired the technological capability to send rockets into space.

Mankind is exploring planets other than Earth, studying them and trying to unravel the mysteries of this universe bit by bit.

If left alone by the Creator, human beings will eventually invent amazing technologies and make all sorts of extraordinary breakthroughs.

Eventually, the mysteries of the universe may be unraveled and shocking revelations may be revealed.

Isn’t that what the Creator is waiting for?

I suspect that the Creator had a purpose and created mankind as we humans created computers, hoping that mankind would do the parts that they could not do.

There are many stories out there about AI surpassing humans.

Sometimes the things that are created will do things that far exceed the expectations of their creators.

So, I think that today’s humans and computers, AI, robots, etc. are a microcosm of humans and their Creator (God).

We use computers for some purpose.

And I think the Creator uses us humans for some purpose.

Thus, my answer to the question, “Why do we live?” is that we live to fulfill some purpose of the Creator.

I wrote this on the spur of the moment, so I’m not sure I have it all together.

I watched a movie called “Interstellar” yesterday, and I think I was able to come up with this answer because the content of the movie was so crazy that it pushed my imagination to the limit.

Anyway, I’ll end here because My Neighbor Totoro has started on TV.


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