This is where you can see the music I’ve created.
I write, compose, arrange, record, mix, and illustrate all of my own work.
Especially when it comes to songwriting, I’m confident that I’m second to none, and of course I’m aware that I’m an outstanding genius.

Picture Book Musical


3rd Album – The Fairytale Of Vain Dwarfs

Production Background

I wanted to create a work that was like a children’s song, and I created this album according to that image.
I filled the album with a variety of ideas, and the overall style is cute and catchy, which is a change from the simple style I had used in the past.
The melody is cheerful, but the lyrics are ironic, and I tried to create a taste of Andersen and Grimm’s fairy tales.
As a result, I am proud to say that it is a work that only I could have created.

Songs (8 in total)